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Not Respone from PTCL Against complaint raised from 5th Marchf


Dear Sir,
I solicit your kind attention to look into the matter relating to almost perpetual lackluster service that I have been receiving from PTCL.
I am writing this with utmost displeasure and disappointment that since the day I have started using the PTCL service i.e. in 2015 including (Internet, Smart TV and Landline), I have been facing constant indiscriminate outages and disconnections in the internet service that inherently results in the cutting off of the Smart TV service as well (since both are interconnected).
What I fail to understand is that despite my innumerous complaints both through Call Center (1218) and SMS, nobody has bothered to seriously look into this matter and the result is that I continue to suffer to this day as the disconnections/outages have not stopped at any point and I have still been facing the issues over and over again.
As evidence, I am enclosing a plethora of SMS’s in chronological order that give a clear picture of this longstanding issue including my endless complaints and despite typing ‘N’ for no resolution, I was still receiving messages/responses with confirmation of rectification of the issue (although no action was taken on the complaints at all).
I would like to point out the fact that this dilemma has caused constant stress, both mental and physical, to me due to which I had nobody else to approach but your goodself. It is highly imperative that this issue must come to your knowledge and even more important is the fact that nobody from PTCL has had the courtesy to provide a permanent solution to my problem despite my regular complaints. Though I have been paying my bills on time ever since I have started using the service then why am I being treated the way I’ve been treated by PTCL? Did I make a mistake by choosing PTCL as my complete solution provider?
I am writing this email almost as a last resort with the hope that you being a senior member of the organization would personally look into this matter and rectify the issue as soon as possible and relieve me of this great predicament.
My details are here under:
Customer Name: AQDAS BALOCH
Phone No: 34156716
Account ID: 2107045022

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pls send complaint at: for immediate help or send sms at: 0331-5896870

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