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Phone will not be disconnected

I changed my place recently and got a phone there already and got DSL broadband over it but phone was giving hell every second day. and because of phone, DSL was not working. My land owner, who is abroad, had been paying stupid line rent every month for one year despite the fact he has not been using the phone since. When he moved abroad and phone bill was not paid for two month, phone got disconnected. It was only 2 weeks since I started using both phone and DSL. This was terrible. Not only did they not fix the phone line properly (noise, no dial tone etc.) they cut it on mere 500Rs. So I gave them my modem and application to disconnect both Phone Line and DSL and they WON'T.

PTCL says the original NIC's photo copy of landowner is required to disconnect Phone and I need to reactivate broadband first in order to disconnect that. I didn't have NIC copy of owner so I left it at that. Then, my internet and phone line both were cut. A new bill cam e in with new additional charges even though the services are not functional. After a month, a new bill came with additional charges for services I wasn't even using. I went there again and asked them to disconnect the service. Their reasoning is flawed. If they really cared about security and all that shit, they shouldn't have installed services without owner's permission. They knew all along that they are installing broadband for someone on a no. which is not his. Yet they installed DSL without me even visiting anyone or anything. So, why such a problem when you want to discontinue?

I mean, isn't it enough that their service sucks so bad that now their rules are even more weird and downright stupid.

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