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Smart TV service not available

PTCL's Smart TV service isn't working at all and after many complaints, their staff admits of unable to resolve the problem. What the height of losers' attitude is that by PTCL? How can PTCL hire that much incompetent people?

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in the last six months i complained every day but nobody came to resolve the issue. now i have requested for dis connection on 17th june but still no action

You r rite, to order a new connection is very easy. but to get disconnected is way cumbersome in PTCL.

I have made hundreds calls for restoration of internet services and modems many times but their incomptent staff never helped. my internet services remained suspended 7 days and also demanding charges for that period. I made calls at 1236, 1218, 080080808 and hold for more than 90 minutes many times but they never attend.

I had placed new phone line with broadband connection order almost 2 months before but nobody from PTCL came for installation even when I called to check my order status there is no proper answer.
I think PTCL operational/technical departments peoples are not professionals they are just working on govt style.

my ptcl No is 041-8815664 at which i am using bradband and smart TV
bur since last 15 days smart TV is not working i have complaints many times but no body is attending my mail
my last complaint was on 29/7/11 and complaint no was 97.
now i am going to the consumer coart against PTCL



my no is 041-8815664 at this line i am using bradband and smart TV
just 15 days after instalation smart TV is not working and now i am complainting since the last 17 days daily at 1218 but i think there is no man listening your compaints but a recorded message saying your complaint will has been forword
i request the ptcl please change your slogen "feel the difference" slogen should "feel the torcher" will you again select smart tv against local cable operaters

I got smart tv 1st month i dont have any problem next month my smart tv dont works i compliants many times but no one come fix the problem i also visited 2 time F-11 exchange but the problem is still remain i had this problem 24 days. they have hidden charges ist time installation charges 2500rs .vvvvvvvvv poor customer services now i am going to close my connection and go for nayatel it has hd channels you can divide into four conection it is better

Nowadays PTCL Service day by dy down, basically each exchange no honesty officer, i have many time reminder sent to PTCL company please resolve my Broadband and smart TV Service but every team fail no co-operate to consumer, i have paid all amount of PTCL but PTCL Service is not good.

I had installed the Smart TV service last month. That is “THE WORST EXPERIENCE” ever.
The staff available on 1218 or 1236 have no idea how their operation people respond to our complaints. NO RESPONSE from exchange after about 20 complaints, and plenty of assurances from the 1218 staff.
WARNING TO ALL: SMART TV IS THE WORST CABLE SERVICE. Go for local cable vendor, which are much more reliable than PTCL Smart TV

my ptcl No is 0937-857808 at which i am using bradband and smart TV
bur since last 15 days smart TV is not working i have complaints many times but no body is attending my mail
my last complaint was on 23/7/12 and complaint no was 74.
now i am going to the consumer coart against PTCL
0333 9877700

I syed qamar abbas ptcl no 36343121 in block 17 fb area my smart tv is out order since last 15 days i have call to them sorry to say your staff are encompitent and its behaver is poor at last on 2nd aug 2012 my complaint is regd my complain no is 400 they say problem will solve in 24 hours after 48 passed but no contcet to me and no visit from your staff ihave contcet your staff namely mr afzal mobile no 03442755833, what a good response from him i am felling guilty to contcet him. i request to concernt autherity please sent him on training centre for training how to deal customer. please solve my problme if you can't don't waste my and your time in your earlest cancel my order and disconcet my ptcl and net service. problem will solve very easy and shut down your corporation.

You are quite right. Same is the problem with me. These people are fleecing the people in the name of connection fees and monthly subscriptions without giving any backup services. I am going to lodge a strong complaint with the federal Ombudsman and consumer courts to teach them a sound lesson.

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