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It is a hard fact that viewership of state television PTV is diminishing by every day passing. If I personally analyze my viewership of media channels PTV comes to less than 2-3% of my overall viewership. Everyone is forced to give license fee to this white elephant forcefully through utility bill @ PKR 25 per month. This levy is unjustified. Why should our money be utilized in good for nothing organization?

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ptv have no new drams from peshawr tv and like wise islamabad tv center

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Hi Dear Team
Here No signale In Our Aera For PTV Sports
Disract Pishin saranan Kili Shadizay Sydan

Best Reg. Munir Ahmad

Sir,In our village Dak Ismail Khel Disttrict Nowshera KPK,All indian Channels are availible but there is no a single channel of PTV Network.Kindaly Take againts action. Cabel Operatore:Asfundiyar Mobile No.03159070710 Village Dak Ismail Khel Disttrict Nowshera

My cabel problem is solved,and now cable is better to watch.Farman Ali Khattak

AOA. Over all Ptv is a good use very good language.i like Ptv very much because it explain just truth.i want to complain that there is no access of Ptv Sports and Ptv National signals inlong to disttrict Muzaffer Gerh,Teh,Jatoi,p/O shaher sultan Mouza bair bend awal

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