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Who gave authority/power TO ( Reality Media Centre, Lahore )to say Shia Kafar

Who gave authority/power TO ( Reality Media Centre, Lahore )to say Shia are Kaffar or jewish agent?
I want to question from Religious Ministry and owner of Reality Media Centre, Lahore, Pakistan WHY you use such abuse language and without any fear place in web site which means you get a full protection or fearless from God.
Those who want to proof that Shia are Kaffir and not Muslims than they think not a Muslims and blindly followers of Jewish instruction.
In this web site many object able materials / articles and book are available which give a message that our Government is not aware such wrong web site that is why still not action taken yet.

It is strong recommended to immediate basis ban this web site and those who are responsible should punish but in our country law only exits in book but never enforces or use. Only uses against those who are innocent have no influence to face the punishment.

I strongly condemn the web site “Reality Media Centre“ as a whole web site should be banned for access which false picture of Shia’s Followers and complete against Shia’s as they work for Jewish Lobby to dis-regard shia values in the eye of entire human beings.

Show the photo of Late Imam Khomeini and other Ulmens that they are working for Jewish agent than United States of America ever face a memorial defeat from Iran without a war only credit goes to Late Imam Khomeini but they forget the true picture.

It is the duty of every Shia’s accordingly to his strength to raise voice PLUS condemn till this web site banned and who is the owner should behind the bar and face an example punishment.

My Question is why our highest milary award is “ NIHSAN-E-HAIDER’” if Shia is Kaffar, why choose highest award on the name of Hazrat Imam Ali A. S. Because he never ran away from any battle field and left Prophet PBHU alone. As other did and remember Heroes but worst than Zero and not hidden from any common Muslims if he or she read Muslim history from not a fake writers.

If the Reality Media Centre and enemies of Shia’s ever read the History of Bini Abbas or Umiya they did their best to killed innocent Shia but I am proud to be as Shia and now Shia followers all around the world but any tell where is the grave of Satan – yazdi

I strong believe that those elements who work for negative this against Shia Sect will reach their favorite place with or without conducting suicide, when they die than VVIP treatment and that time they have reply what reasons they do such wrong things? I pray to God those who help or supported this media go to Hell and their entire network should be destroy which work on instruction of Jewish instruction.

Why they forget the Hadis of Prophet PBUH “from a Muslim hand and tongue another human beings is saved” they who they are doing not remember or follow the Prophet Hadis for what reason because too old?

Yazdi followers pain to see the Shia’s followers all over the world more interesting to share in only Iraq after the SADDAM HUSSAIN ( Go to Hell forever ) the remarkable people gathered at Shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain A. S. and Hazrat Abbas A.S above 1 Crore and 20 Lakhs figures of couple of years but only in Hajj the maximum gathering of 30 Millions but all Muslims included but in Iraq only shia’s followers see the difference and power of Shia sect.

I think this is duty to reply as a strong PROTEST and do not remain silence AND expect that entire print media will support and co-operate me so the facts can be dis-close and every common people know where the truth lying and who is mis-leading innocents peoples. I expect that those who are our sunni Ulems also do their duties to condemn this web site and educate their people among the right and wrong.

I have no idea when God will punished enemies with their silent stick or clean by simple punishment of earth quake in which all enemies are killed in ONE SHOT.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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We Condemn Reality Media Centre, Lahore for this shameful act.
these are just followers of yazeed (L.A). these all bastards will go to hell with their leaders like yazeed and his family.

strongly agree....................

shia momineen r facing problems 4m centuries, but now our BARELVI brothers r facing such pblms too, SIPAH-E-SAHABA is behind all these terrorist activities, ALLAH PAK UN JAHILON KO HIDAYAT DAY, take woh jan saken k ek masoom ki jan kitni qeemti hai! i have visited to this site and get the latest news up date which is very impressive.

Janab aaj shia or qadianion ko takleef pohnchi too sab cheeh rahe hain lakin jab ulma e deen ko shia kafir target calling karte rahe tab dehshat gardi kisi ko yad nahi aai.aaj hum in shia or kadianion ko dekh kar bohat khush hote hain.alhamdulilah

Hum dawe say kahte hain key shia kafir in ki kitabain paro qadiani to kehte hain k mirza gulam ahmed qadiani (lanat allah) per wahi nazil hoti begairton ki kitabin kehti hain ke in key sary joothe Imamon per wahi nazil hoti hai.(nauzbillah)

jab jab yazidiat sir uthaye ge hussainiat us ke mukable me sena sapr ho jaye ge yazeed ki ulad kal be the aaj be ha aur zahoor imam(A.S) tak rahe ge labaik ya hussain

abu yazid apna naam to sambhaal tujh par aor tere is yazid par lakhoin bar lanat ko kafir khany valo QURAN aor hadees ko samny rakh kar bat karo.kafir tum log ho ya hum hain.humari books mein jo bhi ghult baat ho ho mujhe batao.main dakhoin.aor sub ko rply karoin gaa.ok.

Irfan ali is link sy kitab shiaat aur yahoodiat k mustarka aaqaid kitab parh kar muje mail
address per reply zaroor karna.allah aap ko hidayat dy.




every body is Muslim and no one has the right to target any particular sect only god knows who is right and wrong in fact we should even respect the other religions also ,,, sectarianism is the only reason that Muslims are so backward in this world so we should love each other shia, Sunni , AL- Eadith all are brothers so just chill and try to excel in this world pl z

g asad sb kaisi batin karty hain aap. y masla koi chota mota masla nai. in shion ka to aqeeda hi muslamno wala nai.hum kaisy inhain apna bai man lain. y too khatm e nabouwat per daka dalny waly bygairat hain.


ye reality media wale hai hi baghirat ye shia kom ko badnaam karna chatay hain inshaala ye media lahore walo ka khatma ho jai ga

shia kuttay jab sahaba (r.a) ko gaale dethe hay tho khoon kholnay lagta log kulay medan me kio nahe athay,haq or bathel ka patha chal jayega....saray k saray haram ke pedayesh hay...
if i got there speakers anywhere i vl not leave them alive...
i appreciate all the job of realitymedia and i salute them

lanti shai kafir hai
kafir kafir shia kafir
shia kal b kafir shai aj b kafir hai
jo NABI S A W W and SAHABA R.A ko galian day ga wo kafir hai that's why shia is kafir no muslim ok

Maola ALI (A.S) k ghar ko aag kis ne lagae umer ny. lagae thi aor pak NABI (PBUH) ki bati k paheloo per door kis ne giraya tha umer ne.MOHSEN jo bibi k pait mein the kis ne shaheed kia tha umer shia galian na nikalein to usay dovain dein.oar maaviya ko kaon manta hai sunni log maaviya baita kaon tha yazeed yazeed ko bhi galian hum nikalain gy

yazeediat murda baad.

yazeed k paro karoin par laanat beshomaar

fuck all bastard and son of bitch from ssp and talban who are against shia?
these people deserve to go to hell where the people who did wrong things with Ahl-e-bait

Sipa Shaba are real Bastard and do not accept Hazrat Ali AS after Prophet than which Islam they follow? Dream to go hell after killing innocent shia but the real place for them is Hell?

All are pig and worst than animals


Tell honest who is your ideal or leaders or whom you followed? You people think to go to heaven after suicide attacks and killing many innocents than tell how gave you power or authority to kill innocents. You are not human beings but according to all Muslims sect you are mad and brainless.

If you do not accept and keep believe in Hazrat Ali A.S. than no one can dream to go to heaven even 24 hrs un-stop doing workship and entire day in fasting.

Shhiya are clearly Kaffir. Just read their scripture specially "Asool-e-Arba". They do not believe in Quran as according to their belief Suhaba (RA)(May Allah curse those who abuse companions of holy Prophet (PBUH)) did altered it and the actual Quran is with their 12th imam hiding (infact he does not exist) in a cave in Iran. Shia used to abuse suhaba specially hazrat omer (RA) Usman (RA) Abu Bakar (RA). "Tabarra" is a pillar of shia idiology which mean one who abuse companions of prophet is a true shia. Shia speak disgrace about Omhat-ul-Momineen. There are many other stuff which u can find in shia books. For finding references study "Al shia Wa Sunna" and "Al Shia o ahl e bait" by Ehsan Ellahi Zaheer.

SSP "SPIA-E-SABAB" are clearly Kaffir and son of bitch

they which Islam follow Prophet than why keep shia as enemies. If any Muslims dream to go to heaven without keeping faith and love with Prophet Ahl-e-Bait than he suppose to go to HELL only one place in this world he deserve.

If he spend his entire life to keep fasting, 24 hours workships, doing Hajj and Umara and give un-limited sadka but all gone vain and no result.

Same way if you offer namaz but do not flow the right direction of KIBLA than your Namaz thrown to you without any reward or result.

They are pig and dogs nature but consider they are more worst? Pray to God not to destroy their brainless and mad activities but those who are giving shelter, finance, support and consider ssp ARE DOING right things all net work should be broken and no spare time given. Go to hell where you leaders awaiting to receive.

Clearly explain whom you flow your ideal leaders? all are the bitch?

SSP "SPIA-E-SABAB" are BLACK DOT on entire Muslim and all Muslims sects clearly express they have no relationship with Islam and they are damaging Islam image but the question is who finance and support them.

Not a single SPIA - E - SABAB hanged or punished what reasons they are working for which people or invisible hands?

are clearly Kaffir and son of bitch

exactly every body is Muslim but some groups who are talking funds from Saudi Arabia to create instability i n the country ,,,, they are not to be called Muslims.they attacked on shia holy places and then attacked on Sunni millads and shrines . they are reall agents of isreal and shia Sunni are brothers and don't not allow the third party to high jack them

ooo janab pehly islam ko parho to sai k islam hai log moun doty nai or kehny lag jaty ho y fasad hai.

janab kisi k aqeede ka faisla karne wle ya koi molvi kon hota ha agr aap peeche jaye ge to buhat si batein khul jaye ge aur app b sharminda ho ge is liye behtar ha k ham age ka soochein kyo k jo kisi ko kafir khate hain wo khud mosques me choote bachoo ksath rape karte hain country me sucideattacks karwate hain sab ko pata ha k wo kon hain so don't do support terrorist groups like ssp pak. data darbar pe attack kis ne karwaya, sakhi sarwar pe , abdullah shah ghazi k mazar pe kafir to wo ha jo in buzargo k shrines pe attack karte hain bastards

Read the hate of shia against Muslims in these passages. Shia and Sunni are two different religions. Hero of One is Villain of other. It is natural that Shia and Sunni call each other Kafir. For us Sunnis Maalik Al ushtur was a villain and his group later killed Hazrat Ali. Also the highest rank in Pakistani Martyrs is Nishaan Haider because even if you are Martyr you cannot reach and nearby status or achieve symbols of Three Seniors Caliphs of islam.

Salam Walikum
Abhy Kutte ke bachoon tum ho hi abu sofiyan ki ullad us harami Ne Us Door Main Dien ko taklif phonchai or tum aab dien ko barbad ker rahe hoo yaad rakhna ye Allah Ka Din hai Or Us ke messenger Panjtan Hain Dien Ko Barbad Kiya Umer, Abu Bakar, usman, Abu Sofiyan, Hinda Jao Apni Kittab Parhoo Sahi Muslim Sahi bukhari Or Beshumar Tumhari Kittab Phir Samajh Main AAye ga kun sacha kun Jhota Baat Kerte Hoo Jahillon Islam Main Research Hai Wo Karoon Phir Hamare Barar Bar Aaker Baat Kerna Kiyun Hum 12 Imam or Patan Ko Mante, Jante , Pehchante or unse Mohabbat Keete Hain Jis Yazid Ne Imam Hussain (a.s) ko shaheed Kiya tum use apna khalifa kehte hoo thu hain tum pe Jo Rasool Ke Nawasy Ka Na hoa Wo Rasool Ka Kiya Ho Ga or Jo Rasool Ka Na hoa wo Allah Ka Kiya ho ga ghor karo or apni hi kittaboon se research Karo Kiya Haqiqat Hai
warna Tum Logon Ka Allah Hi Hafiz Hai

@ tahseen i really appreciate your views . but dear we have to say our views in a gentle way coz we are facing too much voilence . so if we would perform like them what would be the diffrence as our mola said if u want my friendship then get ready for troubles so we should have to face them politely and gently in- fact violence and anger is not the our path we have clear example of karbala. so whom did in karbala their belongings doing rite now pakistan is our country and all shia sunni are stake holders no one can say that we are the owner of the country this country is for all so i would say u to be cool ... salam

Saale suvvar ki aulaad Shia namuraad bhagode. Saale poore pakistan se inka namo nishaan mitana chayiye nahi balki poori duniya se inko mita dena chahiye. saale suvvar agar najdik aaye to kat daloonga ek eke ko.

Kafir se bhi badtar shia saale suvvar ki aulaad, khud ko Muslim bulane wale bhagode. pakistan se poore mita dene chahiye

Sunni bastards always eager to fight without any reason. Iran should attack Pakistan and free this land and Shias from Sunni bastards. Fuckers call themselves Muslims.

shia kafir hay,shia kafir hay,shia kafir hay,shia kafir hay,shia kafir hay,shia kafir hay...
ye mera iman hay shia kafir hay....
meray rasool ko,meray allah ko, meray sahaba kiram ko,meray ummahatul mumeneen ko,
galiya dene walay kesay musalman ho saktay hai.
shia kafir hay shia kafir hay shia kafir hay

I totally agreed and faith that those who people telling abuse words against SHIA sect and consider they are Kafir ownself are son of bitch and pigs. Perhaps produce of un-authorise by joint efforts of Saudi - pigs and American Dogs. They people deserve one place which is hell for ever?

If any one who want to see the pig and dogs or Yazadei followers in this century look the followers and activities of SIPHA-E-SABA or TTP are real pigs and enemies of not only Shia but entire Muslim's Community.

Ask they which Islam they follow and which sucide attacks they are making to reach hell or heaven?

destory their entire net works and those who are giving support and finance go together with hell very soon Inshahallah

mutha ke pedayesh ,shia harami kafir

Main sab say pehlay apnay baray main bta do
main b aik sunni ho alhmdulillah main nay apki web site par har aik k comments parhay hay
sunni k b aur shia k b.pehli bat to yah hay k aik aaam sunni ho ya shia usko to jo us k imam ya peer jo batay gay wo to wohi kahay ga ya kray ga thek hay.ab aiy apki bat ki tarf yaha pay shia logo nay likha hay k ham masoom hay.ap mjy aik bt btao k masoom looog galya nikaltay hay khuwa wo sunni ho ya shia ?ap meray is sawal ka jawab zaror dijay ga
agar masoom looog galya nikaltay hy to phr wo masoom kaisay hoay.aur mera dosra sawal Hazart Ali (RAT) Hazoor (PBUH) k chcha zaad bhai thay aur ap k liay bht mohtram thay par Nabi a Kareem (PBUH) k sahaba b bht oncha darja rakhtay hay phr SHIA Shaba ko gali ku daytay hay unko ku nahi mantay aur unhay kamtar mazallah ku samjtay hay plz mjy in sawalo ka jawab zaror dijay ga

o hi very nice comment about the reality media center. it was realy amzing how u were trying to b innocent u shities are the worst kafir. u know who allowed them for saying u kafir oh sory worst kafir. Allah gave them authority to say u kafir.
Allah says
"iza ja a nasrullah e wal fateh. wara ................................." surat nasar

and the help of Allah came and the armies enterd in the islam so you S.A.W say thanx to Allah and always do praising"
allah is saying i enterd armies in islam and shities said o no no only three or four people enterd in islam truely, u mean allah did not know ??????????? u saying wrong to Allah .
Muhammad S.A.W allowd them to say u kafir bcz he S.A.,W said
"get afraid from Allah Get afraid from Allah never say any thing wrong to my companions R.a if u love them R.A, u loved them R.A bcz u love me S.A.W . if u hate themR.a u hated bcz u hate me S.A.W if u teased them R.A u teased me S.A.w and if u teased me S.A.W soon u are going to be catched in Allah.s punishment." AHMED BOOK 5 PAGE 54
imam malik Reh.A allowed them to say u kafir
"the person who says the companions of Muhammad S.A.W were wrong is kafir, and the person who says they were kafir should must be killed(wajibul qatall) (mota Imam Malik ReH. A )
saha wali ullah Re,a asked them to say u kafir
once i saw prophet Muhammad S.A.W in dream i asked that what shoukd i know about shia. prophet replied study there belife about imamat in next few days i studied that and i gave a fatwa on kufar of shia " Shah Wali Ullah.
maulana Ahmed Raza khan said u the worst kafir
" shia are totally kafir there children elders youngers are all kafir, if any shia is dead dont touch its dead bpody dig a hole and push his dead body in the hole with the help of stick ". ( Radd e rifza )
u stupid increase ur knowledge about ur religon.
and who athoritated u to say that People left the Prophet S.A.W in field?????? who asked u to say u the son of ibn e saba and ibn e maljam u kafir saying some thing wrong about sahaba R.a we will put ur toung out of ur mouth.
o man y u r angry to pak goverment that they allowed if u disagree with there salogen kafir kafir shia kafir just put Rit in Supreme court that they say us kafir stop them they will proove
and this thing is being said from 1980 i challange u if u disagree go to supreme court and say u are a muslim but they said u kafir lets check the result..... y u dont go if u r a nuslim
in 1980 Haq Nawaz Jhangvi Shaheed REh.A challenged u to call him in supreme court and after that each memeber and aalim of sipah e Sahaba R.a challanges u to do so y u dont go????
check these links in which qaydeen Sipah Sahaba R,a Challanges to world Shia.s from 1980 to 2011 but still no response if u r not kafir y y y y y y y y yy y y y y y u dont go in supreme court??????????????

above link is of challange from maulana haq nawaz jhangvi shaheed REH. A

above link is of challange from maulan Zia ul rehman farooqi shaheed reh a

the above link is challange from ali sher haideri reh.a

the above link is challange from maulana ahmed ludhyanvi in 2010

but still no responce from ur community. i am just amazed that if u r not a kafir then y u dont go in supreme court and make a Rit that these people say us kafir while we are muslim , go there every thing will b cleared.
in reality u ur self know that u are the worst kafir of this worls so u dont go there .....
i think this is enough reason to say u kafir the worst kafir of world

I totally agree and condemn all SSP and TTP ( produce of Talban) are real pigs and have
no relation to any religion than why they called themselves as Muslims which source?

Those who are supporting and consider they are doing all sinful activities consider them as good work suppose to go one place later or sooner which is HELL?

Talban and SSP are real pigs?

if sipa sahaba former "ASS" (anjuman sipa sahaba)an organization started from remote village of jhang saudi funded terrorist organization leaders and followers so called Muslims believe that their arguments are sufficient to prove Shi'ite kafir then why they don't go to parliament like they did against qadiayanis . why you people do masscars of innocent people . you know why because you are dam liars and no one is ready to stand with you people you people are mess of ignorant and i firmly believe that until un less this cancer will not be removed from pak or country would not prosper to hell with sipashaba


shia kal bhi munafiq aaj bhi munafiq hay.taqqia shia ky bary bhi katy thy,or ajj bhi shia ka yahi hal hay.taqqia+mutta=shia.

I totally agree with ASHFAQ SHARIF's remarks and statement that REALITY MEDIA SHOWS a true picture of Pig and Dog belongs to SIPA-E-SAHAB, TALBAN are really emenies of totally human beings not only Shia are responsible for conducting sucide attack and dream to reach heaven to meet the YAZADI their forefather? Go to hell for ever?


KAFIR KAFIR Spia-e-Sahab, Talban ( un-authorise produce of join efforts of Al-Saud and Jewish)

Evil face of ssp & HIGHLIGHT some past performance

I feel my duty and responsibility to give some information how cruel and evil organization is SSP but more surprise and painful not a single terrrotis yet not punishment which is very dis-appointment and shameful to all of you even realized they involved in most of terroritis activity but what reasons Govt feel fear to give punishment?

1. WAHABIASM: The True face of Sipahi-i-Sahaba

2. Believe in Last Prophet Mohd (PUBH) but do not believe or love with AHL-E-BAIT, If any one do not believe Hazrat Ali A.S. than no question he reach heaven but he can’t smell heaven smell from long distance?

3.Find several object able anti-Islam material and telling Shia Kafir tell which Islam you follow?

Which heaven SSP, TTP dream after killing innocent Shia"s

WAHABIASM: The True face of Sipahi-i-Sahaba

KAFIR KAFIR Spia-e-Sahab, Talban

Which Islam SSP and TTP follow, new American Islam in which innconnets killing first than promises for Heaven.

You all son of bitch deserve Hell with Yazadi and your forefather awaiting to wellcome you

I challenged all the SHIA community,that condemn one of my argue,which i prescribe in a very detail following
If these aqaayed are not yours are not frm ur Book then u definitly mail me r nform me (
1. "Bad'ah" ; ALLAH tells a lie. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No.1, Page No. 148. A Shia doctrine.)
2. Ali is God. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 66)
3. Imams are God. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 85)
4. We neither accept that God nor Prophet whose successor is Abu Bakr. (Anwaar-e-Naumania, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 278)
5. Kalma Tayyibah without Ali Wali uLLAH is false. (Shia Mazhab Haq Hai, Page No. 2)
6. When God becomes happy, He talks in Persian, when He becomes annoyed, talks in Arabic. (Tareekh-ul-Islam, Page No. 163)

1. There are seventeen thousand Ayah in real Quran. (Al Shafi, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 616
2. Pakistan is mentioned in the Original Holy Quran, present Quran is meaningless. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, Page No. 554)
3. Quran was ascended in four parts whereas present Quran is consist of three parts. (Shia Aur Tehreef-e-Quran, page No. 62)
4. The present Quran is abridged where as the Original Quran is kept by Imam Mehdi. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, Page No. 553)
5. Quran was eaten by God. (Min Kitab-ul-Burhan Fee Tafseer-ul-Quran, Page No. 38)

1. "An insulting remarks against Hazrat Umar". (Anwaar-e-Naumania, Vol. No 1, Page No. 82)
2. Abu Bakr and Umar were more tyrant than Shaitan. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Page No. 509)
3. Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar among seven doors of the hell. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Page No. 500)
4. Imam Mehdi will order, the digging out from grave, the dead bodies of Shaikheen, make them alive and will be punished. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Page No. 371)
5. Sahabah are mentioned as dogs of Hell. (Manazara-e-Hussainia, Page No. 76)
6. Hazrat Umar was born by committing fornication with real daughter. (Tanzia-ul-Insaab Fee Sheikh-ul-Ashaab, Page No. 23)

1. ALLAH's Messenger forbade the temporary marriage in the year of Khaibar. (Muslim, Bukhari)

2. At the battle of Khaibar, the Prophet forbade the temporary marriage (Mut'ah) of women, and the eating of the flesh of domestic asses. (Bukhari, Muslim, Masnad Ahmed, Nisai, Tirimzi, Ibn-e-Majah)

KAFIR KAFIR Spia-e-Sahab, Talban ( un-authorise produce of join efforts of Al-Saud and Jewish)

SON OF BITCH? WHICH Islam you follow or your parents follow Yazadi Islam? Do you think to go to Heaven but totally deserve to go to Hell which more of Muslims believe not doubt?

Family of Pig and Dog belong to SSP and TTP ( ANY one have doubt to see dog and pig than watch these two type of activities )

WAHABIASM: The True face of Sipahi-i-Sahaba and Believe in Last Prophet Mohd (PUBH) but do not believe or love with AHL-E-BAIT, If any one do not believe Hazrat Ali A.S. than no question he reach heaven but he can’t smell heaven smell from long distance?

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