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Rip off!

Once my uncle decided to send us a pizza home. He stopped on his way (to a pizza hut outlet) and ordered us a pizza (and paid for it!!). the guy who delivered the pizza gave us a bill and we paid for it *again* not knowing that my uncle had already paid. That night when we found out we had actually paid *two* times we went to the pizza hut outlet and told them our dilemma- they refused to help us out! They could have at least asked the delivery man for I am sure they have all the records as to who delivers where…. Another delivery man tried this thing on us again but this time we were up to it and told him to call and ask the pizza hut outlet… at which he backed down (which proves they try to rip people off this way)

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I agree that the Pizza Hut should have inquired that delivery person who took money from you for the second time.

Though, it is possible that Pizza Hut is not directly involved in this but their delivery people might be just cashing on that. Whatever is the case Pizza Hut is responsible and they should take care of it.

I think dominos is much better

Worst management, I say.
They arn't afraid of earning Haram. But, then it is our fault too. If any such place hurts our rights, then we should switch rather than going back for same.

When I gave order the person is miss behave with like a he talk with selab zadgan

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