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Unjustly Deferred Promotion

The Chief Justice of

Subject: Promotion Deferred Unjustly
Respected Sir,
I humbly submit that I joined government service as lecturer in chemistry on 04.11.1995.I am working as lecturer in chemistry at Govt. College Toba Tek Singh. The Departmental Promotion Committee in its meeting held on 28th march 2012, the promotion cases of lecturers male (BS -17) were discussed in length in which most of the cases were recommended for promotion. My case, seniority no.1895, was deferred due to adverse remarks in ACRs for the year 2010 which had not been conveyed to me until 2016.
Your honuor, the results of my classes are above the results of board and University throughout my teaching career. My ACRs are written good or very good throughout my career except one person who gave adverse remarks in my ACRs of 2010 due to personal revengeful attitude. (Pen pictures of eleven staff members are written with adverse remarks in their PER’s in year 2010). As the classes I met during 2010 had shown results above university and board results. (Copy attached)
In this respect, it is stated that a copy of the whole report of my ACR for the year 2010 containing adverse remarks whether remediable or not, should be furnished to the officer at the earliest opportunity with a D.O. letter. A copy of which should be signed and returned by the officer concerned in acknowledgement of the report. It is essential that the officer should be given a fair deal by communicating to him the whole report containing adverse remarks, so that he may be able to remove the defects and improve his performance or be in a position to represent where necessary. The authority did not abide by the Para no.33 of the booklet of confidential instructions about confidential reports. He has violated the rules and instructions of the Govt. for which I have been debarred from my legal right.
“the timely communication of adverse remarks is of paramount importance. The authorities competent to communicate the adverse remarks ensure that the adverse remarks are communicated without fail to person concerned by the end of June. Failure to do so will attract disciplinary action against the person responsible for the delay.”(Chapter iii –Section-5 page -362) the Establishment Manual volume-1 (Revised).(copy attached)
The honorable supreme court of Pakistan in civil petition No.982 decided on 14-4-2008 as reported in SCMR-2009-117 held as under
“adverse remarks in the ACR which were not communicated to the civil servant would be ignored in case of promotion…if a civil servant, who had not been considered for promotion at a stage and was subsequently promoted and no order for inter se: seniority had been passed by the competent authority, then such civil servant would be considered to have been promoted in the same batch as his juniors, meaning thereby that he will maintain the seniority of his batch mates”. (Copy attached).
Director Public instructions (colleges Punjab) expunged adverse remarks on December 2016 on the direction of Punjab Services Tribunal. However, my case was again deferred in DPC held in July 2017. My promotion have been deferred unjustly more than ten times by the DPCs held at different times in last five years.
In view of the above submissions, your honour is, therefore, requested to favourable response from you.
Thanking you in anticipation
Yours obediently,
Muhammad Saeed Ahmad
Lecturer in Chemistry
Govt. Degree College Rajana
Toba Tek Singh

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