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Salman Ahmad customer Servicess

With due respect it is stated that on dt.04-11-2010 watan card no: 4585477871829003 was given to me from centre of Kot Addu Distt. Muzaffar Garah. Where U.B.L.Kot Addu branch code 0806 staff and incharge Mr.Khurram was present.
On dt.08-11-2010 when I put this no watan card in A.T.M. its balance was nil. Then I contact call centre. They take my bio data and watan card no. They said that this watan card no is issued to Mr Allah Ditta and cash had been taken from this card on dt.03-11-2010. While this no. watan card was given to me on dt. 04-11-2010 and its pin code is also with me.From call centre it was inform to me that watan card no.4585478401778009 was issued to my name and on dt 07-011-2010 cash was taken from this card.
After some day Ashiq Hussain S/O Yar Muhammad ID card no.323034306979-5
Telephone me from M.Gatah, that watan card no.4585478401778009 was given to me. Now it is captured in A.T.M. (UBL M,Garah branch code 563) and bank manager said that this card no is of Mumtaz Ahmad. So on dt. 16-11-2010 I went this U. B. L.branch and taken my watan card whose entry is in UBL M.Garah. But cash was taken out from this card on dt,07-11-2010 as I mentioned above.
After checking it was informed to Mr Ashiq Hussain from bank that watan card no,4585477964853001 was issued to him and given to him an other no watan card .
After tracing Allah Ditta, whose watan card was given to me any other person card was given to him.
So it is complained that after verifying from NADRA,UBL staff issue the watan card other person. But give him watan card of any other person which is issued some day before and cash also drawn away as this practice UBLstaff has done with me. In Kot Addu this frod made Mr Khurram of UBL Kot Addu BRABCH Code (0806). So please investigate him and given me my watan card balance.

Mumtaz Ahmad
NIC No,32303-0785770-9
Email Address;

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