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Billing arbitrarily and illegally.

Email Message sent to authorities.
(SEPCO/NEPRA/NAB/Chairman Wapda) Dated.21.03.2017
I regret to write you this matter as i am aware of your response to consumer complaint redressal. But to proceed legally it is essential to inform you the happening.
My new purchased house from Mr. Muhammad Alam Kolachi some 5 months ago and i got the whole bill cleared by them and handed over the copy to the field office. Besides that i had requested and had written letter to the SDO II Ghotki, that house is un-occupied so that is better having minimum charges.
That was done only for 2 months thereafter in the last month they arbitrarily issued the bill for Rs.123/ plus Arrears Rs.2373/- Total Rs.2496/-, (usual trick to fool the consumer) which was paid under protest a sum of Rs.1500/-with request to look reality of unoccupied house but SDO Ghotki is never know the procedure.
Thats not end of the practice, again this month issued the bill of Rs.5180/- , showing arrears of Rs.2463/1 and current bill Rs.2717/-besides marking REPLACED and consumption of Rs.250/-units in the bill. (Is this justified professionalism by you and the organisation?).
I protest to the above unjust, illegal billing and request you to get that ractified.AND order action against the concerned SDO or other field staff.IN my neighboring how the billing is being made and on the appropriate moments the snaps and videos are to be laid before you.

Mahboob Soomro. Endorsements.
Legal Consultant and Advocate The XEN/SDO SEPCO Ghotki.
Cell No. 0300-3377873.

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