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Shutting down PTCL land line

I was very unhappy about their billing as they had been sending me hundreds of calls bill. I tried to complaint against that but it didn't work. After getting a wireless connection and using that for some time I realize that it is the best time to shut down my land line. I filed for shutting down my line. The process was very bad. I had to go through the following:

1. 1st Visit - File for shutting down the phone at exchange. They said pay the last month bill (which comes at 20 of each month) and then come back and we will give you an NOC. During this time I had to keep calling them that my phone is still working and it should be shut down by the date I asked them to do so. In this process I had to pay one month more bill :(
2. 2nd Visit - Went for getting the NOC after submitting the bill. They returned me saying that the person who handles this is absent today.
3. 3rd Visit - Went again for getting NOC. Got the NOC and they told me that now I will have to go to their account office and submit it.
4. 4th Visit - Went to account office. Submitted those documents and ask for refund of the security deposit. They said you have to file the Demand Draft receipt which I was given in 1992 when we registered this phone. So if I don't have it I won't be able to get that money. Now from where could I bring that DD receipt after 16 years ? If I gave the ID card and my signature for shutting down the phone why can't I get my money back on the documents which I have and it proves I am the owner of this phone and I paid the DD.

I haven't got the clearance certificate from PTCL's account office.

I simply hate PTCL and I wish I could just take some revenge from it sometime.

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I been using PTCL DSL and i am facing these problems.
1. disconnecting
2. downloaing speed problem
3. up loading problem
I have complianed 4 to five time but no one finx it out.
kindly do me a favour to fix my problem as soon as possible.

I myself being facing the same problem for about 8 months.I live in Quetta.Quite funny PTCL Shiro D805e Router Day time dmt.bis Modulation in night Dmt modulation mode i'm on 2MB link i can't get more then 100 Kbytes even if the net is giving its best.

The problem is this We don't have an alternative .Wateen Charge about approx Rs.1100 bandwith limit 5GB

we have alot of noise from last one month
so do some favour and concentrate on our complaint thx alot

Hello To All Pakistan

I have been using my PTCL DSL connection since four weeks with so called 1Mbps speed :( and since they have deployed this connection, the speed is really very much slow. I live in Karachi and getting the average speed of 50Kbps.

I have complained the PTCL Service Center many times (where uneducated and inexperienced persons are sitting) and they always just listen to the query and does not respond.

Can anyone let me know which connection is best to use in Karachi in these days for example Link Dot Net, Wateen, Witribe etc etc....

I am just going to switch from PTCL to some other service as my most of the work relates to downloading of audio files and PTCL is wasting a lot of my time and I do not want to put myself in trouble due to this HELL service of PTCL these days!!!!

Any response from anyone will be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Dear General Manager,
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

My telephone no. 021-34533191 is non functional since 8 days.Complaint was registered at 1218 but could'nt work so far
. I request you to please take necessary action in this regard.
Your early action will be highly appreciated.

Best Regard

Dr. Zafar Iqbal

نہ افغانیم و نی ترک و تتاریم
چمن زادیم و از یک شاخساریم
تمیز رنگ و بو بر ما حرام است
کہ ما پروردۂ یک نو بھاریم

ظفر اقبال

are your from karachi ?


there more DSL in our country like, maxcom, linkdotnet, these all are DSL service provider

ye num hai is per net ok nein hai discontent ho jata check karo plz

I would like to inform you that we are using PTCL phone and Broadband services. All our previous dues are ok.

From Last month I have disconnect the Broadband service due to very bad service from last three months. And I have to face huge lose because of PTCL service, that’s create very bad impression on our overseas business friends. They already thinking very bad condition in Pakistan . and did not like to invest. We had to lose an urgent order from our customer in Canada due to our phone/fax

Can you like to tell me that you are our servant or we are your? If both not we are just consumer and service provider then:

1: how its possible you buy a thing or service and against you pay and found nothing. Can its fair or possible, not only in any country but also in tribal areas?

2: due to very bad services of PTCL department its not fair that we found no any service and pay bill regular.

3:During strike I have to complain allots of time for troubling of my phone, bill I could not found I go to the relevant office for getting duplicate but there is strike and very dangerous behaviors of employs.

So now we have to decide that we will not pay the bills until our working position not make good . And its our right because you well know already condition of business in Pakistan. Honestly in this situation ptcl department compromise us. We already 3 month bill of PTCL paid with out finding services. You can check our complains in your system:
at last this month i found the bill and unbelievable amount without using.

I hope and sure that you fill judge well and give us next 3 month relax or forgive us any how,we are not in this condition to pay bill. you must have to forgive us the bills for a limit.

Thanks and regard

Akhtar hussain

Dear Respected sir,
its our desire for making ptcl department good and clean kindly finish ptcl department and give the contact to other companies or kick out the ptcl employs and give jobs young boys who are wondering jobs with BA ,MA ,MBA ,i hopefully can say that they can give good service against your employs. who are making property of ptcl.
thanks and regard

Dear All AOA,
i am also fadeup regarding PTCL so caled DSL conection but now very disapointed after read these coment from the verious parts of the country,i think there is no any management in PTCL or all are currupt people like Govt so that complaint is just waisting of your own precious time to these persons.But praying that only one person Mr.Chief Justice of Pakistan take action against them and penulty them.

sir THIS SITE IS RESTRICTED ya qu ho raha hai



pttcl sucks
har 2 min ka bad 2 ghaantay ka liya internet down ho jata hai

Respected Sir/Madam

Someone else use our ptcl landline num. we have checked the wire along. but we could not find. This month we got the bill with unknown outgoing calls.

Can you tell me please how to stop it.

Also tell me, how to check if my dsl connection is student package?


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