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PUG Charges and GST on PUG Charges

I have contacted Sui Gas Company - Karachi on their tel. no. 1199. The lady has clarified the following:

The PUG Gas Charges is implied on bill of Dec.2016 Bill
PUG Gas Charges = 275
PUG GST = 47

Reason that the consumption is below the average. You have to pay the Bill as soon as possible. The Rs. 274 + Rs.47 will be charged one time. The lady asked for:

I informed her that my family only come home in night and my usage is less than 40 unit so she told me that you need to visit your nearest customer service Centre for that and had to inform the billing manager but I use to work in bank and I don't have enough time to go in there customer services department

please look into the matter and resolve the issue

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