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Bad banking / incompetent staff

I lost my HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) Visa to UK for their incometency during my bank statement verification prcedure from Brithsh High Comission last year.

Instead of being apologetic; they have started harassing through their legal department.

I have filed a case against SCB for their incompetency and ruining my career including ban to travel UK/EU for next 10 years under immigration laws of UK for submitting a non-genuine document (370(A))

This document (bank statment) was legally obtained from one of the SCB branch duly verified and stamped by the bank staff.

The account for which the statment was obtained; was officially opend by our company and it serves as my salary account.

This not all, sending billing of clared and cancelled credit cards yet another issue.

Since all my statment and all other documention is absolutely true and genuine; I am hopeful that I'll be provided justice in the court of law.

SCB indirectly harrasing for lengthy trial as per Pkistani court system norms. But I shall never deter and fight for justice legally and morally.

Asif Ali

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I hope you can get justice, I recently opened an account with SCB and i might need similar statements in a while, you've scared me.

I wish you good luck. May Allah SWT help you.

It seems SCB stands for non-Standard Corrupt Bank.

I have had horrible experiences dealing with them where the issue was only 'resolved' when I surrendered or else I complained again and again (and used some contacts inside SCB to get justice).

But injustice is the norm at Land of the Crooks... SCB has not not upheld higher standards and has merely adapted to local standards of ethics! ;)

They are 'desi goras' rather 'GHORAS' who are trying to run a so called good and reputed bank in Pakistan. The system of Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan is managed by non professional and incompetent staff. I have many bad experiences in this regard and have my empathy with you for losing your visa.
Some interesting facts about their local operations are:
+Their frontline staff is not equiped with basic product/service information
+They never call you back after they say 'we will call you back in 5 minutes'
+When they send any proposal, request, form to the head office, it gets lost and they don't bother to locate it, instead you are forced to generate another request/form for the relocation of old one.
+When you sign the paper and they give you acknowledgement, they refuse to abide by the same for many reasons....'it is not possible in this way' is the most commonly used by them.
+When you register a complaint by email at 'askus@..." you always get a reply with auto format that has no name and phone number of the person replying you.
+You cannot locate their department heads with 'straight fingers' in case of need/trouble/urgency.
+Their bosses have a threatening and chasing style of mangement and their front line and middle line employees are quite afraid of contacting their heads and this causes the real trouble.

This is just the TIP of iceberg..... Beware of their ignorance,incompetence,and non-professional working.

Shafqat Jilani
+92 321 783 5515

SCB is fast becoming one of the worst banks operating in Pakistan nowadays. I had an outstanding loan with Union Bank. After the merger of SCB and Union bank, SCB automatically deducted the loan amount fron my SCB account; even tho the original loan was from Union.
It was only after threatening them in writing that I would take my complaint to the State Bank and The Wafaqi Mohtasib, that they grudgingly gave the money back. The whole process took three months.
SO my advise would be to complain to the State Bank of Pakistan. Complaint procedure is on their web-site. Approaching the Wafaqi Mohtasib is also a great idea as all these banks are terrified of both the State bank and teh WM...

My organizatio is maintianig Huge balance with this non-standard bank since 2006!
Only because Union Bank was acquired by SCB.

Prior to this, my organization explicitly moved all accounts from SCB to Union Bank in 2003.

Mr. Jilani's observations are absolutely true and genuine to a 100%

I also searched whole net to find CEO of SCB but no luck!
I wrote to for email address of CEO SCB, the first lady responded "If you cite your reason to contact him; we will provide you his email address" where as when I wrote back all the story to ... in returning email; to my surprize another person responded with word "sorry; we are unable to provide email address of CEO due to our policies" ... Dammmn, two person do not know company policies on providing email address of CEO!

Some how I obtained CEO's email address and wrote him that I want to meet you for 20 min only realizing his nature of job. I sent this email with "Return receipt" request... Very next day he read my email but did not bother to respond. After a few days I once again wrote him for the reason; also stated that I am receiving your read-receipts in my inbox.
Alas but no response!!!!

But after writing that last email, I recieved his PA's call, assuring me of returning call in a day... he did not reverted back! I call his PA back; but he was reluctant to speak about any matter... what a waste of energies!

And now after serving them several legal letters through my lawyer, I got quite harasing responses for which I decided to file this case against SCB in SHC. For which I am absolutely shure that they will be at the looser end.

When my lawer called their legal head in my presense from his office; the other guy (Legal head SCB) refused to apologise and refused to compansate matter amicabily; the reaso he gave; "Go ahead; let me see if you get anywhere in next 10years"

This is disgusting for court systems as well as to me.

They enjoying the "Delayed" justicel and are practicing it well with their customers.

But I will never deter and never retire from my legal right of acquiring "justice", be it another 100 years.

Asif Ali

Friends, if you are in Lahore, try the Consumer Court. Yes, it has the jurisdiction and, unlike the usual Civil Court, it takes swift action.

@Syed Imad:

It is most unfortunate that I live in Karach where no such services are availalbe to general public and consumer in particular even though this is part of the same country.

I wish and hope that such service be introduced throught Pakistan.

Asif Ali

Yes, it is only in the Punjab that these courts have been established. Unfortunately, due to being a new concept, not many people here are aware as to when and how to resort to the Consumer Court.

The best thing is that entities--- for instance, SCB--- can now be made to perform their responsibilities the way they are obliged to perform them. The Court also awards damages to plaintiffs who have suffered any loss.

Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad
[LL.M. (Harvard); Advocate, High Court]

I have been cheated by the branch manager and staff of SCB they understand that i am living abroad and in one year just 1 time i am comming to pakistan and sometimes 2 years 1 time so they push me to take insurrance policy for almost 170000Rs. and now it is 5 months i didnot receiev any policy and after many calls to bank i got one policy but all the names and mistaken the spellings are wrong mine as well as benificiary, so what we can expect from SCB i think really it is Non Standard corrupt bank, also i am writing mails for complain but still unknow emails i am receiving asking me to provide moor details of my case.........................

Leaving griverences with SCB apart, see how the British High Comission in Islamabad is treating its customers and that too after spending hard earned PKR 100,000/- on HSMP Application:

(I wrote to British High Comission)


I fully understand and have knowledge of standard procedures for filing EC application.
Please understand that I did not requested to re-consider my application in my previous email.

I disparately need the document (Bank Statement) which was submitted with EC application through Gerry's to BHC Islamabad in August 2008.
This document is vital as I have filed a suite (#XYZ/2009) against SCB in the Sindh High Court at Karachi, kindly consider my request to support truth.

I have filed this suite against SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) in the general awareness and interest of public.

BHC may kindly send me copy of failing document via following means:
1. Courier
2. Fax
3. Scan and Email

(Response from British High Comission)
Dear Mr Asif Ali

Re : 155NNNN

Thank you for writing to us .

This is to inform you that since your bank statement was found as non-genuine when checked therefore it can't be returned. You may request another copy from the bank manager.


The SCB (Scamming Corrupt Bank) people think being a multi national bank they can rip off the consumers' right in Pakistan and threaten or harass them. The most incompetent staff with the bank is sitting at their call centers recovering the credit card and loan amount, who would scare your pants off. Now the most easiest and cheapest way to achieve their goals is to use the service of whores in the form of incompetent girls who would misbehave to the level that you might regret for one moment that you only thought you were polite because she was a female. Do not even think like that. That's my advice to you people. They are the worst hookers and you should not dare show any mercy towards their tender voice. I had to deal and brush off one nuisance when she was so horribly stubborn that she thought she would talk in any manner she wanted by continuously kept on calling on my cell phone. I think the people who hire them or head of those departments need to be blamed since they never give the lower staff an essential training as to how they should speak to their customers or may be they give such trainings, on the other hand, that they are given assurance they are covered even if they mistreat or become rude to their customers.

poor banking vry uncopretive staff,m submitted rqs from 12days for cancled scb card but still this appli under procces vry lezzy

Ah!!!! Lack of consumer courts. And, Supreme Court or even your Lawyer can help you in getting statement back from British high commission.

Yes,I totally agree with this.SCB service is very poor

***Deleted. Use of foul language.***

SCB sucks Big time ... Only yesterday they refuse to do receive / accept communication saying that they donot have the police to receive BTF Balance Transfer Facility request from other banks. One of our customer wants his existing loan in SCB transfered to our bank is refused to so and they are using unprofessional techniques to hold on to their customer ( by simpling ignoring to acknowledge our bank to bank request.

I;ll fully endorse Asif please and Yes Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan. is Bad banking with incompetent staff

I agree with the harrrasing thing ! I got a Credit Card from that bank which i never applied. ONly once their representative marketed me . when I got the card I returned them saying that I dont need that card. but after some days I received a bill with credit card charges. I again contacted the manager and he assured me that those charges would be waived / cancelled.

but that never happened and I knew it after some years when I went for a loan in another bank they told me that your CIB is showing a default. and after that its a long story ... and in the end I had to pay them six thousand ... for nothing ... just for keeping an accout with them.... after making that payment for false credit card bill... I had to wait for two months in order to get my record clear. they are really abusing customers through that CIB thing.

damn slow processing at Khyaban-e-Itehad branch

Just recently, i got my first salary check. On a Saturday (which is off for me), I happily went to the bank and deposited my salary check in my account at SCB. By the way, I have been holding an account at SCB since 2001.
On a sunday evening, I visit their ATM machine of SCB near my house- after the processing, the ATM displayed "Access Denied; process is not possible". Keeping the day being Sunday in my mind, I started thinking the ATM machine must have been out of cash as saturday night was a night ago. Anyways, i visited another branch of SCB, and the same response occured again- this time, I got so humiliated that picked up their complaint telephone, and directly called their customer service department.
My ATM card has a life-time validity, as it mentions 99/99 at the end. Now, what I got of a response from the Customer Service department that this card has expired 4 months ago. I said, "how come? my card mentios 99/99, which means it's valid for lifetime". He representative replies, "Sir, we have upgraded the ATM system 2 months back". I asked, "Don't you think it's part of your job to inform your customers either through mails, emails, direct calls (on landline or cell phones) about this update thingy????".
Anyways, to shorten the story, I am very dissatisfied from the services provided by SCB. If they keep providing this quality of services to its clients, I am sure Standard Chartered Bank will soon abolish and become a history in Pakistan.
I hope any staff of Standard Chartered Bank reads this comment of mine, and if he/she is faithful and sincere, would resign from working in a highly dis-organized and dis-appointing bank (SCB) in Pakistan.
By the way, I am still trying to resolve my issue with the SCB branch and the Head Office, but there seems to be no- one to listen and complete for what I am asking for.
The objective of writing up on this portal is just to burst out my frustration from SCB- imagine, a person getting his 1st salary, and is bound of not having it due to the above mentioned reasons!!!!!! Shame on SCB.

Good luck Asif and dont loose patience at any stage. This is one of the most pathetic banks i have ever seen.

Today, I went to SCB to withdraw cash. By mistake I have written the amount and account title against Payee on cheque. Now see what the person sitting on counter (awais iftikhar written on his chest) said, "Sorry you need to fill another cheque". I told him that its my own account and I have my original ID with me and I can also provide them verifications, but he said "Its not our policy" and started talking to the person next to me. wata customer relationship...............:)
But an emplyee girl resolved my problem by managing it through another counter.

@Salman and all

Thanks for keeping my sprits high.
I am amazed to see what SCB has been doing to its valued cutomer base!
My sympaties with all the sufferers of of this financial institutuin of global repute.

Kepp this thread alive by posting grieverences and I shall post it to CEO SCB shortly.

OR may forward this thread to badar.kazmi @ / badar.kazmi @ (spaces in right and left of @ are intentional to avoid email collecting crawlers)

A united powerful consumer rules.


Asif Ali

it is good company

throw grenades into the branch in question

@Miss Hira

If she is real at all... what do you know about the company? We are talking about a bank here (and a bank is NOT usually referred to as a company even in the banks own legal fine print docs etc). UNLESS you were talking about what a good company the execs at SBC give you... ;) hehehe

@Mehr Sultan

Lol! What about the rest of banks? They are not very much better either....


Please do not be impressed by the bank branches layout or staff dressing... what we are concerned about is the quality of service it provides to its customers. Here SCB is like other banks and may be even worse. The only bank I have yet discovered to have higher standards is HSBC.


I agree to all negative feedback to this bank. I have a company account with this bank. Since the date of opening an account they have been creating reasons to frustrate us. I am so glad I didn't need documents from SCB to file my UK visa like Asif Ali, when I applied for UK visa, my account was with Habib Metropolitan. Mostly the staff of HMB is Memon, but they are mostly well behaved with clients.

First, SCB staff member, named Zubair (dont remember last name), asked me to deposit a 150k within 12 hours. he called me on my cell at 5.30pm evening and asks for a 150k deposit by 11am next morning and the month was Ramzan. No matter if I have that much money or not. But can someone just arrange and deposit that amount by 11am morning???
The reason for this urgency he said that my account was approved on 29th Sep. and the next day was end of Septemeber. So, is it my fault when they approve my account? I refused and just said do whatever you have to then I will see. they just deduct 50 bucks from my account for low balance from their limit.

2ndly, cheque book sent to Bahadurabad branch and I opened the account in Dadex House, Sh-Faisal branch.. Isn't it funny? then they told me to go Bahadurabad and collect my cheque book.

I personally went to bank again (I usually don't go to banks for except once to open the account) and asked Zubair about the cheque book and told him to get me the cheque book here ofcourse I opened the account in Dadex house so why should I go Bahadurbad to collect. So his words were "Mr. Ali, you are irritating me. I can't handle you." and so what, I started to shout loudly in the bank and the whole staff, mid level and customer got around me. Finally that ediot, unprofessional Zubair had to apologize from me. because I clearly said to close the account at the same time because of this bastard. Yes, I abused that person in front of everyone.

in the last 10 months, I have so many frustrating moments with this bank which I can't write here ofcourse.

So my friends, the moral of the story is, here nothing works being polite, you have to be tough and abusive to handle these bullshit people.

Dear Mr. Muddassar Amin:

Please contact me at my email I may have a useful info for you regarding union bank loan.


Friends; I had complaint same as Muddasar Amin & it took fifteen months to take back my money only after intervention of SBP. Anybody having outstanding loan of union bank may contact me, I may have a useful info for him/her.

i need to open my bank account in pakistan standard Chartered lahore


Where and how can salute you?
Please accept a medal of Honor from me in advance.

Asif Ali

@Asif Ali,

Lol... very funny reply...

SCB branches should either need to shut down or their staff should take a complete professional training from some other banks like HMB or MCB..

Very Bad Servce ...


SCB sucks world wide:

May be its their international policy to create the worst Standards in banking! ;)

They applied Rs.600 charges for no reason on my account on 1st August 2009. When I called them and asked what's that, the guy said its bcoz my balance went lower than 30 in July so it deducted Rs.50 per transaction, there was no policy like this earlier but they do not care to notify the customer of their policy changes....

this is a bullshit bank I must say.

Just recently our whole company's employees' accounts were deducted by Rs585 citing "Debit card annual charges" in statements.

My organization is struggling to revert the charges but all in vein since last two months!

We have 130+ employee salaray accounts in this non-sense bank, from peopn to CEO.

Imagine an amount of Rupees 76050 charged in one chunk!

Not having consumer courts in Sindh is making such businesses a gold shop having no accountability.

May God bless us and save us from curse of this bank's ever changing policies and unprofessional staff.

Asif Ali

They charged my account by Rs.650 in end start of July for no reason. I called on the call center and the guy said that their policy is now changed to deduct Rs.50 per transaction if the balance is gone below Rs.30,000. I had no idea if these bastards are going to do that. This fucking bank changes the policy and does not care to send a notification to its customers of the policy being changed. This is a global rule for any business. If a company or business changes its policy anytime in its life, it must notify all of its customers no matter if the customer is still in business or not. All I did is opened a new bank account in HMB and left this bullshit as it is.

My goodness...I've just applied for a company account at SCB last week and all these posts tend to haunt me. I'd primarily be receiving payments from foreign sources and now I'm getting worried.
What would you say about Barclays? Has anyone ever had dealings with them? (regarding inward Telegraphic Transfers, mainly)


I do not know about Barclays, but Habib Metropolitan Bank is what I use for my foreign remittance always. I get funds from USA and UK within max 3 days.

You can use any bank with good reputation, but beware from SCB, this bank is ridiculous

Thanks Ali.
I had to call SCB today to inquire about my account and I was told to visit the manager over there. It's been 10 days now. This doesn't look good.

Yes, they will take such long time, then suddenly once a day, they will cal you and ask to deposit a huge sum of money saying your account is approved and you need to deposit like 150K or 200K of money immediately or your account will be deducted by their charges. they have a big list of charges to deduct from you without your intention. better be away from them.

man they are shittiest bank on the face of this earth , they have been charging me finance charges and god knows what delays charges on my credit card that i have cancelled 4 months ago , and not giving straight answer , now yesterday i got a letter threatened of being put into eCIB and my credit rating can go black listed , is there an end to this?

i heard banking mohtasib can file a case for us , lets do this this is mental distress and if i get into eCIB all other banks will dissapprove of my credit listings.

OMG - i just recieved a call from Mr Badar Kazmi's office , and they are looking into my issue and told me all extra charges have been reversed and i would be getting an appology letter and we hope you continue your business with us.

guess copying Mr Badar Kazmi worked and i also complained on SBP website , i got a reply from them they are also taking this up with SCB.

i suggest you guys also do the same. As per the assistant guy he said we need write notes and give this to badar kazmi as we have been asked for a report on the issue - this was a sign of relief.

Dear Faisal Qamar:

Congratulations for a receiving a positive response from SCBL instead of yet anotner more harassing call and/or letter.

My organization's new managmement has taken my case more than just serious and going take up this issue with SCBL and BHC.

Most probabily our new CEO is going to shift our account to some other better bank.

My case is still pending hearing in Sindh Hicourt. Awaiting justice through legal means.

My wishes and prayers for all who do business with SCBL Pakistan.


Asif Ali

SCB Pakistan has possibly the worst customer service of any bank in Pakistan. I stopped using my account a long time back but incidental wanted to get an old bank statement from them. It has been 10 days now and there system is down.

Good luck with the case.

Hello I am new victim of these cheaters and I am also planing to sue these guys, they all are cheaters and could someone please tell me that what are my chances, If I am able to invlove some Lawyers, they have cheated on........

What are your grievences Sajjad. I may be helpful.

They have cheated on me over phone, there was a disputed card and they offered me a settlement on it, I was un-aware of the procedure for settlement so the guy from recovery branch took advantage out of it, the story goes something like this ,
I was called by the guy and his manager both spoke with me over the phone, they pitched me for 50% waive off, I demanded more so they reduced it further, so I asked the guy to send me a letter about the conversation or agreement he stated that " We do not send a letter or something like an agreement before you complete the payment " ( this was a miss-led ) which I came to know later on that they issue before settlment,When I completed the payment in july and called the same guy and asked him for the letter which he was suppose to send me, he said ( this will take about 15 days to send you the letter ) its been 3 months he did not send in and I was unable to check it or follow up on due to my busy schedule, but on Oct 30, they have deducted my account without an information, when I inquired they said I owe them ????? WHAT ???? when I toild them they said they do not have a written agreement,,, I went to the manager in Islamabad, they put me on a run around for over a week now, and I am not sure what is my position I have decied to take this in court, all I am trying is to get the official recordings from cell company,,,,,
and this guy and manager who they have cheated on me are in Karachi branch,,,damn this bank sucks,,,,
I'd like to mention that, those guys are not answering my calls now, and the account from which they have deducted money, has nothing to do with the credit card, because this was a new account and the dispute was before opening this account.....I need suggestion ......I will appreciate your help.


@Sajjad, Bank Mohtasib should be able to help you. Find their location where ever you live and provide the complete details. This bank is super bullshit.

Sajjad, visit and download complaint form. I had a similiar complaint and my case is under investigation of the mohtasib.

It has been almost 8 months since I submitted my patetion in SHC; to this date my lawyer is unable make even a single hearing!

This is how our justice system works (including lawyers)

SCB has side lined and do not respond to me as they know that it is a burried case like many millions.

But I will never deter and fight legal war till I am alive by the blessings of Allah Almighty.


Asif Ali

Hey people, what I am thinking here, that why shall we not go an approach to higher authorities in a group, we can goto supreme court for justice, lets have some numbers and go to even the SCB office and kick their ass.......people here in country listen to people who have power, I SWEAR UPON ALLAH IF I MEET THE GUY WHO CHEATED ME, I WILL BUST HIS ASS AND TAKE HIM TO POLICE STATION INCLUDING HIS MANAGER, wtf man,,,,we shall not give up,,,I am in Islamabad and I need to know how many of you are effected by SCB( sucking bank )

I am totally agree with people who are saying SCB is noprofessional bank in Pakistan. But my comments are little different for SCB, i am very sorry to say SCB is theaf bank, even they will never told us the true, they mostally use to lie with customers.
I want to tell my friends an insidant happend with me. Once i called to SCB for asking my A/C balance, belive me their staff use very bad & dirty language with me. So i cpmplained to their online representive but they dont care about my compalain. I request to people stop banking with SCB.
Ali Chaudhary

I never thought of so much suffering of people on hand of SCBL !
We all are suffering from incompetency and bad banking ethics regarding its cutomers.

I believe that this is hight time to pursue this financial institution of thugs and report State Bank of Pakistan.

Yet I wonder for 17m people of Pakistan who may no knowledge of "boltaconsumer" and their rights being customers of SCBL and being consumer (the bread and butter of businesses)


Asif Ali

I am in process of negotiating with their heads and waiting for the fair response as PER MY SATISFACTIONS and I have already spoken with State Bank and they said SCB has 45 days to sort my problem else I have told them I can take every legal action to resolve my issue , I do not care it takes me to what stant.....

I have read all the comments. I agree with all of you..Collective action is necessary..I know Asif Ali case thru a friend of mine....I feel sorry for him but Asif Dont give up, and take Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad advice since he is a professipnal lawyer from Harvard Law School. But remember my friends, hit the nail when iron is hot..This is the time.....Advertise in news and TV...The staff at SCB is rude to everyone......They are not bankers but street beggars............. Let me know when you want to take this issue in media. I got strong networking in media


I am in I am checking with them via emails, and I have wrote them the final email that ( ask,,,,thingy ) if I do not get a satisfactory answer....but I am always ready.,,,,,i can bring all those paid slips, emails, and complians with me if its taken to media and we shold do this now,,,,,,,,,

I have stopped all my banking with SCB. No more account and neither i m using any of their products. Its one pathetic bank stuffed with goons and filthy mobs.

My salary has been credited in SCB account yesterday it has been done but when I went to ATM for draw amount because I urgently need then it has been blocked by SCB and when called to call centre they failed to give me reason only advised to come at main branch
I am totally fed up about this attitude and already I am facing very hard time from scb regarding ready cash product nd so many threating call already been received
Please help me to spread this to inform state bank about their threat calls

I fully agree with this complain as I was with my husband..when we faced the failure of withdrawl of money we become anxious about that as we were going to buy food items at that time.we have three kids and we are relying on this moneyand alredy facing financial problem.I think this act is illegal as u cannot touch salary account.Isn't this brutal act to block salary account without account should be separate from other.the bank is not negotiating with us in our difficult situation as we were paying in past according to the demand of bank.Now a days we are living hand to mouth we need salary by tommorow this unlawful act from ur side should be consider

Pls send to concern of state bank and badar kakmi we are in Karachi
Brgds Sara

My salary has been credited in SCB account yesterday it has been done but when I went to ATM for draw amount because I urgently need then it has been blocked by SCB and when called to call centre they failed to give me reason only advised to come at main branchI am totally fed up about this attitude and already I am facing very hard time from scb regarding ready cash product nd so many threating call already been receivedPlease help me to spread this to inform state bank about their threat calls Posted: 25 Dec, 2009 by Sara Farhan who also agreed with this complaint I fully agree with this complain as I was with my husband..when we faced the failure of withdrawl of money we become anxious about that as we were going to buy food items at that time.we have three kids and we are relying on this moneyand alredy facing financial problem.I think this act is illegal as u cannot touch salary account.Isn't this brutal act to block salary account without account should be separate from other.the bank is not negotiating with us in our difficult situation as we were paying in past according to the demand of bank.Now a days we are living hand to mouth we need salary by tommorow this unlawful act from ur side should be consider Posted: 25 Dec, 2009 by Sara Farhan who also agreed with this complaint Pls send to concern of state bank and badar kakmi we are in KarachiBrgds Sara Post your Comment

Yeah like I said that I am in contact with their complaint department/unit via email, and I have provided everything I had, and now I am waiting for their final answer, and I have mentioned them clearly if the matter is not going to be resolved " AS PER MY SATISFACTION" I will take this into print and electronic media and I have no other sollution besides informing my CEO of the company to talk to their higher authorities about SCB cheating miss leading and bad services, and I am quite optimist I will get the corporate account canceled. These people know that my company has a multi million dollar account with them, and what will happen if more then 1000 accounts are going to be waived at once, I will inform you all guys here about my last email and I request SHAN SAEED to please have us email you our personal contact information to approach media.

Please reach out at

with kind regards

shan saeed

Dear All

Thank you for your supporting kind words and helpful updates of atrocities committed to many of you which are far more serious than mine.

My company threshed SCBL consumer banking representatives in my presence and already have withdrawn large chunk of company funds as token of warning to SCBL.

They have gone bit serious in my case but again too much lethargically slow.

@Sajjad Haider

Thank you for the support and coordinating efforts.
I shall be writing to you on your given address.

Asif Ali

Hallo sir,
Sir i just want to ask can i do training in ur bank

Of course, you will be more than welcomed to join the party of alikes at

By the way, this is not a "recruiting" portal of SCBL

Asif Ali

yes all the complaints are just accurate,

i have got a to pay for my locker, when i had open the locker , even its there duty to inform about he rules, inspite of the fact, and the worst part is they have disclose the someone about my locker, the lady told my friend that she is not paying n so, they have all my no, cell no, home address, still they never contact me. when i got there letter i went many times with all my application that i cant pay now , kindly take on monthly, they didn't respond.

i went many time , sat for hour, they didnt look up to this matter, again they send the same letter, NOW TELL ME HOW TO DEAL THIS PEOPLE.

ITS been 2 years my dues have raised from 20 to 40,000 but they r not helping. i think its better not pay them... this is the barach


LADY NAME IS WHO TAKE CARE OF THE LOCKER, HER NAME IS seleha jafer, locker custodian.

branch operation is ARSHAD ALI KHAN,

BOTH r good for nothing, its a great insult.

The Chief Executive,
Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan.

It is stated that a joint current account-LCY on the names of Badar-ul-zaman Khan/Kamran Khan/Imran Khan was opened by me in Standard Chartered Bank which is 01700731001, in Gulberg Branch. The said account was opened in the year 2005 and an amount of Rs.7.800 million was deposited as a first deposit.
It is submitted with grave concern that since 2005, the bank statement was never delieverd on my given home address. In the year 2009 i obtained statement with the kind efforts and guidance of Mr. Kashif, an employee of the said branch. It is regretfully stated that behaviour of rest of the staff including Mr. kirmani who introduced himself as manager of the bank, was not cooperative and ill mannered. I was shocked to see the statement that a sum of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) was wrongly transferred to Account No.6066038 on 25.06.2005, which was never asked by me or by my sons, the other joint holders of the account and I was kept totally ignorant about this transaction. When I enquired about this transaction from Mr. Kirmani he behaved very rudely and refused to tell anything saying that the record is not available with his branch and contact the head office for details.
My sons Kamran Khan and Imran Khan are running a well established business of Garments and Shoes in PACE, Gulberg, Lahore. Expecting good services from a renowned and leading bank, I had choiced Standard Chartered Bank for opening an account. Due to my business and other domestic activities I could not check the details of my account. Besides, I had a sound and blind confidenc on the authorities of this great bank. However, I am really upset on this humiliation and wrong transfer of my deposits.
It is requested that the matter may kindly be looked into by your goodself and my amount of Rs.50,000/- be transferred back to my account and the staff of the said branch specially Mr. Kirmani be asked to behave properly and decently with the clients.
Looking for a positive response from your goodself.

Badar-ul-Zaman Khan
470-G, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore
Cell No.03004445123

The Chief Executive,
Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan.

Sub: BILLING OF NO-ACTIVATED CREDIT CARDS NUMBERS 4289211700150243 AND 5452491586449491.
It is stated that a representative came to my house in the year 2006 and offered me to avail Master and Visa Cards. I asked whether I have to pay the bill of these cards in case I don’t use these cards or otherwise?. He replied that only the bill will have to be paid on the usage of these cards and no bill will be sent in case I don’t use these cards.
He collected my bank statement himself from ABL, Gulshan Ravi Branch, Lahore. Later on, I received Master Card and Visa Card with Cheques Book in the end of year 2006 for which I am thankful. I didn’t get these cards activated thinking that only in the hour of emergent requirement I will get them activated. Meanwhile, Miss Lubna from Karachi Office contacted me through Cell No.0322-2260067 and Phone Number 0212450775 and asked me to get the Pay Order from SCB, Tuffail Road Branch, Lahore. I told her that I am going to KSA to perform UMRAH and U.K so at the moment I am unable to get these cards activated. When I returned, Miss Lubna again contacted me and asked to get Pay Order. I replied that I don’t need this amount, however, if Bank gives me a heavy amount for investment in my business then I may think about it. She didn’t reply. It is pertinent to mention here that despite the fact neither I get activated these cards nor I drew any amount through these credit cards or used these cards to purchase anything, the bills were sent to me for payment. I enquired many times that for what I should pay these bills, however, if there are any charges for obtaining these credit cards then I may pay. It is regretted to mention that a person who introduced himself as Asad from Garden Town Branch, Lahore called me through Phone Number 0425990042 and threatened me that if I don’t pay the bills he will abduct me and will black list me. I asked that I have not got a single penny through these cards then for what purpose you will do so, he replied I will show you how I do this. Later on, Miss Saima from Tuffail Road Branch, Lahore contacted me through Cell Numbers 0301-8436563 & 0301-8436566 and asked me for the payment of these bills. I visited Tuffail Road Branch, Lahore in May, 2009 to see Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Regional Recovery Head, Consumer Banking Pakistan twice. My name and signature can be seen in the register there. On the first visit neither Miss Saima nor Mr. Shoaib were available there. On the second attempt on another day I went to the cabin of Mr. Shoaib who very rudely asked me to wait outside the cabin as he is busy in a meeting. I waited for hours but neither had he called me nor did he come to me. After a long wait I returned. On 21st May, 2009 when I was at bed rest after having operated my eye, Miss Saima contacted me and asked me to attend Tuffail Road Branch immediately, I told her that doctors have advised me bed rest as I have gone through the operation of my eyes and have bandage on my eyes. But she said that I was telling a lie and asked to follow her instructions in any case.
Today on 05.01.2010 once again a call was made at my Land Line Number. My wife attended the call, the female speaker on the other side enquired about me. My wife told that at the moment Mr. Bandar ul Zaman Khan is out of the house, however, the caller behaved ill mannerly and called my wife a liar.
It is added that my sons and I are businessmen and there are several credit cards, of various banks including SCB, at the disposal of my sons they use these cards and pay bills accordingly and no complaints have ever been made against them regarding the payment of bills. It is the first chance that I was given these credit cards by the SCB and now I find myself in miserable conditions. I have a clean and sound business record. Never ever a complaint apropos payment has been registered against me.
In the wake of foregoing, I request that details of bills for which I am being threatened and tortured since long may kindly be provided to me. If there are certain charges against the issuance of these credit cards I will pay those dues. Furthermore the staff of the SCB may be directed to avoid this harassment.

Badar-ul-Zaman Khan
470-G, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore
Cell No.03004445123

@Badar-ul-Zaman Khan
Bro I have text on your number as well, as I was reading your complain, this is a public forum where we only share and gain from experience, we all are victims of SCB ( Sucking Customer Blood ), I would suggest you to only share the complian and you will be guided properly by all the participants, its pretty unsafe to give your personal banking details over the internet in a public forum.
Well as for as my case is concern I have taken this to State Bank of Pakistan as the whole process by SCB was a piece of shit, and I am sure we put a united effort we can even kick this shitty bank out of country
Sajjad Hyder

Sorry my previous comment was supposed to be agreed, I did not click the right option.
My bad.....


Oh man o Man.
Reading all this i am terrified. I have also an account in SCB. But never faced such things. And i hope they will try to solve your problems and will do better in future.
Don't know what happened to an Organization when they start operation in Pakistan.
Well any ways hope for better.

well i also made the same mistake as sajjad did.

thankful to you all that u have agreed with me. thanks too for telling me that im not suppose to give my details.

yes i agree with Sajjad hyeder , together we join hand n make them go out of our country.
this is not all, in every thing if we join hand, we can really make miracles. STB is the worst bank i have ever exprienced, i have acc in local banks they are much better. Lets please stand together to shake them,


Please send your complains to Group CEO of Standard Chartered Bank in London

Peter Sands

I have forwarded my complain to him and got the response from relevant people in quick time....All Bank staff is rude to clients which is the trademark of Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan..I think the bank needs to straightened up its service otherwise clients are getting ruthless..Supreme Court is another alternative to register your complain.....


Shan Saeed

we must launch this complain together, this the only way we can show that REALLY POWER IS PUBLIC NOT THEM.

it due to us they r here, if they are exposed in media, they have no way out , but just to ran away from here.


i was ex empolyee of scb. that bank just like a jail . my social life was totall spoil and senior are so badlly behaviour with junior and scb just like a bar there is only ''show sha'' we must boycott of scb

Dear Asif Ali,

I had been refused for student visa and got a 2 year ban by Canadian Imigiration office to apply for any kind of Canadian visa due to this bitch bank. and reason is same as yours bro.

Muhammad Shoaib Azim

@ Shoaib Azim

I am very sorry to hear yet another non sense on part of SCB!
Please join hands to get this issue resolved.
Do write to Mr. Peter Stands ( about your case as Mr. Shan has suggested.

Consider to call uopn SBP and Banking Mohtsib.

Keep this list updated with your outcome.

Kind regards

Asif Ali

asallam,my friends work at scb,they all just moved over from another bank and i was happy with their previous service so i also moved to their new bank,i deposited a lot of money in their bank and a few day later in my statement i noticed,cheque book rs500,atm card rs450,service charge rs50,another atm charge rs420,and to really piss me off a atm yearly membership fee rs 850,all my scb friends never once mentioned any of these charges,ive been living in pak for a few years and only now found out how dis~honest they are and they will say anything to please u untill they get ur accoubt....i also went to hmb and querry about a account the clerk told me that their was no tax or zakat,on openin the acc and being cornerd he told ne their was tax n zakat to pay...pakistan zindabad.......

When ever I try to log in SCB online banking the message comes can not find server pl try to improve it I use PTCL broadband.

Standard Chartered have been sending details of financial transactions on other peoples' accounts (plus account details) to my mobile phone. When I rang them to advise them of this they wouldn't take the information because I wasn't able to tell them what type of account I have with them (they have never told me). But it's not about my account: it's about the poor souls whose personal financial information is being sent to my phone.


I m agree with ppl here, SCB miscommit with clients, one of SCB sales person conacted to me for opening account he told me that i have to maintan only 5000/= but they charge me every time Rs.50/- when ever balace is lower then Rs.30000/= when i complain on call center they said that i must have to maintain >Rs. 30000/=, one more thing when i open account the person told me that i would'nt have to visit my home branch for any matter, but when a mater arise, call center doesnt help me and directed me to vist my home branch. one another thing is i could not contaced to my acount manager since opening my account. when ever i tried on phone could not get to him , even i visited to branch. my account is in main branch.

I agree

I have taken serious action against them and I am still waiting for the response, I am sure I am gona smash that guys ass fucking face so soon who has scammed me from SCB, I have his details his name number and address and that son of bitch pig is in karachi name kamran ali an agent on recovery he has no idea who he has touched and cheated on,,,he is going to lose his job as well as karachi, he will have no place for him in karachi and has to hide his ass, he has tried my patience .....


Dear Sajjad
Please understand that recovery officers work under higher officials are are instructed to behave in such a way.
Kamran Ali or who so ever is mere a poor person doing his dirty job for SCB for living.
We need justice and honest response from SCB officials who have ruined many lives.
Please stay on course to sue the head of recovery officer(s) and forgive the lower staff who are simply following orders.

Thanks and regards
Asif Ali

I agree Asif,,if that was honest in opinion with me I could have understood, he must have told whatever fuck their procedure is, but that guy simply screwed my account and that might have caused my mother's life, what If I have lost my mother's life, I had to buy her medicine and etc and that was my whole budget and he with his staff took all my money.....

Write to Mr. Peter Stands --CEO Standard Chartered Bank, London

Top management is rude and same goes for most of the employees. Sajjad, you have all the right to get justice.....I standby you...Bank's employees are getting and acting like dogs.........


Your case is a huge example of incompetency that might have proved lethal.
Please take this matter to the court of law and also write to Mr. Sands.

Its painful to obtain justice but stay on course and do not despair

Asif Ali

I wrote to him a while back and also contacted SBP, but got no response this is why I am pissed off,

No problem, you can write to Lord Turner at Financial Services Authority in London who are like State Bank and can take tougher action..Plus we are also reporting along with many clients from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, Faisalabad about gross mismanagement and poor attitude of the staff.

im unable to use online banking and after many years i came to know that there is som problem in information .imgot very disapppointed

From yesterday your Gawadar Branch did not responding our phones / messages ?
we are facing clearing problems hardly.

Fraud of Rs 40 million reported in the newspaper about SCB-Kh-e-Shahbaz Branch in defence Phase 6, Karachi. Please ask everyone to ask bank people about the fraud.......whats happening. I think Chief Justice can take action against the whole management. Please report matters to STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN. We have reported the matter to the following agencies about SCB-Pakistan and its corrupt management

Financial Services Authority in London
FBI in USA--they are coming to Pakistan
Financial Action Task Force in France
SEC in USA-they are sending teams in Pakistan
SBP-They are willing to listen to your complaints

This is an excellent to change the corrupt management of SCB-Pakistan

08 February 2010

The Head
Complaint Management Unit
Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
1st Floor, New Jubilee Insurance House
I. I. Chundrigarh Road, Karachi.

Dear Sir,
Statement of Personal Loan Account # P050714032L
I just received an undated statement of Personal Finance availed by me initially from Union Bank Limited under loan reference # BLAH RLN 1050714000032 commencing from 01 July 2005 with maturity date of 01 July 2010, which was later taken over by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited. So the loan was transferred with Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) limited under reference # P050714032L and for that I also received a fresh schedule of payments issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited dated 26 April 2007 (Copy of which is attached for your reference).
I have been promptly and regularly paying off all the installments due since the finance period started, up and till the date I am writing to you i.e. 08 February 2010. The present monthly installment amount is Rs.3564/- and I never paid it in break ups, yet the installments I made, are ironically shown in break ups in current statement, resulting a FAKE DEFAULT.
Resultantly, installment default charges of RS.500/- have added every month amounting to Rs.14000/- up and till 30 December 2009 which is absolutely ridiculous, baseless, inhuman and illegal as no default was actually ever made.
If it was done inadvertently, then please issue me a fresh correct statement. If I do not receive an updated correct statement without any such charges, then I will be compelled to file a formal complaint with The State Bank of Pakistan Limited against this deceptive act of Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) limited.
Furthermore, I will try my level best to tell all fellow citizens of Pakistan through every media available about the hidden heinous crime committed against me and if required will move court to seek JUSTICE.
I may clearly mention here that in future, please correspond ONLY in writing for a legal reference and record and do not try any obnoxious phone calls or personal visits of your staff threatening me and my family of dire consequences, otherwise I will hold The General Manager Lending / Financial Services of Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited personally responsible and will drag him to The Court of Law for justice and will claim damages.
Yours truly

Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi
111 – P, Model Town Extension

c.c. The General Manager Lending / Financial services, Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, New Jubilee House, I.I.Chundrigarh Road, Karachi

22 February 2010

Mr Amir Rabbani
Senior Manager
Complaint Management Unit
Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
1st Floor, New Jubilee Insurance House
I. I. Chundrigarh Road, Karachi.

Dear Sir,
Statement of Personal Loan Account # P050714032L Complaint #: R001/02/10/007492/C01
In response to a complaint dated 08.February.2010 made by me regarding my Personal loan account statement issued by none other than Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, I got a written response from you dated 15.February.2010, received by me as on today 22.February.2010 stating:
Quote: “You are requested to provide complete bank statement / deposit slips in order to reconcile your Personal Loan Account”. Unquote.
Regarding the complete bank statement, I may humbly mention here that since the finance account is being maintained at Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited and not at my home, therefore a statement regarding the record of late payments made by me should be issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, which they did for the period from 06.July.2009 to 30.December.2009.
And as the charges deducted in that statement were baseless and illegal, therefore, I lodged a complaint against levy of those charges and provided you with the photocopies of the receipts of the payments made by me during that particular period i.e. july.2009 to 30.December.2009.
I am once again enclosing herewith the photocopy of the statement of finance issued to me by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited for the period 06.July.2009 to 30.December.2009 for your reference, so that you could issue me a likewise updated statement mentioning the detailed exact period / dates / months / years of deduction of charges of Rs.14000.00 (as mentioned in lump sum in this statement), enabling me to provide you with my proof of regular payments.
Now, one more sentence that I want to quote from your letter is:
Quote: “Please note, Late Payment charges are levied if no payment is received, payment is received after the due date, or if payment of less than the minimum due is received”. Unquote.
I may request here that the above sentence contains three different statements made here by you on behalf of Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited regarding levy of installment default charges, which will have to be proved by you in The Court of Law (if needed) with proper documentary evidences (including the number of reminders sent to me during a long charges deduction period of OVER two years). Please make arrangements for that as well.
Meanwhile, I will eagerly wait for an early, cooperative and positive response.
Yours truly

Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi
111 – P, Model Town Extension, Lahore.
c.c. The General Manager Lending / Financial services, Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, New Jubilee House, I.I.Chundrigarh Road, Karachi

18 March 2010

Mr Amir Rabbani
Senior Manager
Complaint Management Unit
Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
1st Floor, New Jubilee Insurance House
I. I. Chundrigarh Road, Karachi.

Dear Sir,
Statement of Personal Loan Account # P050714032L Complaint #: R001/02/10/007492/C01
In response to a complaint dated 08.February.2010 made by me regarding my Personal loan account statement issued by none other than Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, I got a written response from you dated 15.February.2010, replied by me with added grievances on 22.February.2010 requesting for a complete statement PRIOR TO the statement issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited for the period from 06.July.2009 to 31.December.2009.
I may regretfully mention here that UNPROFESSIONAL and MALAFIED action and attitude was shown by MR AMIR RABBANI, Senior Manager, Complaint Management Unit (i.e. YOURSELF) on behalf of Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited that instead of providing me with detail of payments made by me after the due date of 15th of every month, HE sends me a revised schedule of payments regarding my personal loan account P050714032L with a renewed due date of the 5th of every month just to JUSTIFY HIS stance of overdue payments.
Whereas, I have clearly mentioned in my original complaint letter dated 08.February.2010 that all scheduled were made by me on or before the 15th of every month which is the actual and TRUE DUE DATE availed by me during the whole finance period of FIVES YEARS and that is clearly evident from the last statement issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited for the period 06.July.2009 to 31.December.2009 (copy attached for the third time for your reference and record).
My Dear Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, please HIRE some SENSIBLE PERSON who could tell MR AMIR RABBANI that this not a BANYA SHOP where HE can change the DUE DATES as per his CONVENIENCE just to CHARGE ILLEGAL, BASELESS, charges of Rs.14000/- and that too when the FIVE YEAR LONG finance period is about to end. YOU do not have single documentary evidence / reminder / letter to prove me that I was informed by the Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited at any point of time during this FIVE YEAR LONG finance period that : “due date has been changed to the 5th of every month”, yet when I lodge a complaint against SUDDEN LUMP SUM deduction of these illegal and baseless charges of Rs.14000/-, MR AMIR RABBANI CREATES a FRESH SCHDEULE of PAYMENTS on March.11.2010 and sends it to me as evidence of deductions made for the last two years and before. WOW!!
So dear Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, please do not act like a NON STANDARD CORRUPT BANK UNLIMITED and reverse these BASELESS, ILLEGAL charges. Otherwise, my next letter WILL be a formal complaint against you with THE STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN and THE FEDERAL OMBUDSMAN OF PAKISTAN against a fraudulent act by you and I will further continue with my plans as I mentioned in my original complaint letter dated 08.February.2010.
Meanwhile, I once again eagerly wait for an early, cooperative and positive response with my fingers crossed! And once more humbly inform you to please correspond through written letter and please do NOT try repeated telephonic threats. Third rated telephonic calls further damage your already dented image.

Yours truly

Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi
111 – P, Model Town Extension, Lahore.
c.c. The General Manager Lending / Financial services, Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, New Jubilee House, I.I.Chundrigarh Road, Karachi

anyone who could help me nail this STUPID CORRUPT BANK , pls mail at
i will be most grateful
(snake coral bit)
Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi

Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi
Please write to these agencies urgently, they are willing to listen and probe the corrupt practices of CEO/ Banks management and its rude staff

Lord Turner--President Financial Services Authority in London
Robert Mueller--Director FBI in USA--they are coming to Pakistan
Paul Vlaanderen--President Financial Action Task Force in France
SEC in USA-they are sending teams in Pakistan
SBP-They are willing to listen to your complaints

Most of the employees of SCB are corrupt...You can send your complaints and letters to FBI in USA and FATF [ money laundering agency] in France. They would surely investigate and grill the employees. Mention the corrupt CEO of the bank Badar Kazmi who is also involved in money laundering...SCB employees are committing fraud in dormant accounts, in their own relatives accounts at the behest of the CEO

I am submitting my complaint againt SCB through this forum.

Today 16th April 2010 at 4 30 PM I went to the SCB branch in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 1 Karachi for the ATM transaction. I wanted Rs. 40K so that I can go and deposit it in my other bank account next to SCB. I took the cash 500 Rs note (500 * 80) to my bank for the deposit. While the cashier was counting the money. He shocked me when he said that there is a forged 500 Rs not in the cash. I said I just brought this money from the SCB ATM machine. I am a customer for my bank for about 3 years so they gave me that amount back and told me to take this case to the SCB and show them the amount.
I went there, 1st they were surprised to found out about the forged 500 Rs note. Then they started checking on the security camera if I took the money from their ATM or not. I was so shocked that instead of aceepting their mistake they are checking whether I even came to their ATM machine !! . Even though they have my receipt of the ATM withdrawal and the transaction time on that receipt they kept asking me at what time you came in. Then one of them came and said .. "Our camera showed that you never came in our ATM box".. I was like .. WHAT are you serious ? Am I faking ? Am I Lying ? They said you can do what ever you want but you never came in this ATM Box .. I got mad and asked for the manager. I came out and asked the security person that didnt you see me coming into this ATM, he said Yes, . THe manager came out and told me that We cant do anything you got away from this ATM and now you can't claim that this note was from our ATM. This was enough to blow my mind away. I started shouting at them because they are blaming me for this and saying I have done this desperately. He also then accepted that you came into the ATM that other person was talking about some thing else....A long story and quarrel.

I took them to the other bank as they wanted to check If i really went to my bank or not, again instead of accepting this blunder the SCB manager started blaming my banks cashier that you should have canceled this note instead of sending this to US. The cashier said Yes I should have but I gave my customer the favor and you should accept the blunder that you made by putting a forged note in your ATM. He then came back to SCB and came up with the new 500 Rs note and offered it to me. I said I never wanted the note after you said your never came into the ATM. You people should be sorry that you blame you mistakes on others, But they never even said any apologetic word. I said I will write against you , will go to the police etc but they were like do whatever you want, you can do anything against was, your dont have any proof. Fcuking A..holes....

"Gather on a forum!" now thats a million dollar question!

Just complain to State Bank. They take customer rights seriously. And have instructed banks to ensure the ATM currency is not fake. So complain to SBP so that they may torture non-standard chartered bank.

I used to work with stanchat n that bank should b stopped.they abuse their customers and employees,drive them 2 suicide,murder them,carry out illegal human research work even on unwilling employees and buy the media,police,internet,families et al 2cover their trash.

Anne's allegations are too serious and must be throughly investigated.

If this public board is being read by any person with authority to investigate, s/he must take stern action against these public concerns without becoming yet another "comodity" for the bank in question.

well you can not expect something in this government though, all I am telling you guys lets protest against this dirty bank.....

The biggest behari pig of scb-pakistan badar kazmi is transferred to saudi arabia in september..I think we sould make a combined effort, throw it on TV about their activities and fraud.
Please send your complains to Chief Justice of Pakistan..He is an honest man.....He would listen to our complains an would screw scb-cartoons nicely...

Wonderful idea!
Does anyone have the real email address of CJP that he reads himself?

There is nothing we can do about it,,,and there is no online facility for Supreme Court of Pakistan to launch a complain but lets try find some other ways to bring this in his notice...

Please send your written complains about badar kazmi and his fraudulent activities..CEO-SCB Pakistan is involved in money laundering..His family is living in dubai and he is sending money thru hundi and TT.....He is holding fake degrees....B.Sc and CFA Part 1.........He is behari fraud..His whole family is fraud..His relatives are involved in criminal activities...Please screw his dacoit..........

written complains to CJP at this address

Honorable Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry
Chief Justice of Pakistan
Supreme Court Building,
Consitutional Avenue
Near Prime Minister Secretariat
Tel Number 051-99220600
Fax Number 051-9921-3452

Supreme Court of Pakistan Islamabad Share your complains with chief Justice of Pakistan.


Address: Constitution Avenue
Near P.Minister Secretariat Islamabad
Tel: 9220581 - 9220600
Fax: 9213452

Dude Uzair Ahmed ... don't keep calling behari this behari that .. if you have problem with a specific person ..keep it with him .. dont abuse the whole race..


Thanks, agree with your point of view.

Dated: 09-06-2010.
Subject: Misbehavior/Misconduct.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I like to draw your attention about the Misbehavior of the Security Guard at the Standard Chartered Bank of Lalamusa Branch.
I went to the bank about 11:00 am, I need to know some information about new account opening, and purposely I thought to meet Manager to get information. As I was to enter in the manager room the security guard stopped me to meet manager. I request him that I am here to meet manager but he refused. Guard did not allow me to do that.
So this is the scenario, I think he can search me out but he cannot stop me to meet manager. He has no right to misbehave with me like this. All this misconduct and insulting attitude was so painful for me, so I decided to take the entire story in your notice. Such type of incompetent personal should not belong to the Organization like Standard Chartered Bank, because it has a good repute.
The name of that Security Guard is Mr. Sadaq. I think you should inquire about it and investigate why this happened in the Bank. And why the manager did not take any action against him.
Yours Truly,
Shoaib Asghar.
Lalamusa. 0345-5223173

Dear Shoib Akhtar

This is a public forum and does not bleong to SCB's infrastructure of incompetent banking ethics. Kindly do not post you personal data and information.

You can direcly write your complaint to

Kind regards

Asif Ali

my name is muhammad zubair
plz yar call me
ok by

Dear Asif Ali,

It is submitted that you better go to First Tier Tribunal, AIT UK for appeal under humantarian grounds with complete facts of your case and evidence.

And let me tell you one thing more that you have been refused under Section 320 and that was inital warning for banning you to 10 years of penalty. Yes, you can apply visa after the refusal under 320 and hence the same section allows you to re-apply after 12 months of the date of refusal.

Kind regards

Nauman Aziz

@Nauman Aziz

I am thankful for your help, yes it is 320(a)
Where did you learnt this information? I'd be needing this information for keeping in my documents.

Once again, thank you so much for helping me out.

---an excerpt from my email to my friends here and abroad---

Help me quit this country. Where money is power, where honesty is sin, where justice is commodity, where human life has no value, where becoming sick is curse. Just to day I was abused once again by a youngster (rather gangster) driving a latest unregistered BMW and having gunmen with him and bumping my car (a 1996, 660cc) from behind on an almost empty road. I feel ashamed for being impotent against all this evil that I voted for. I can't file immigration case since I am unable to show huge savings as liquid money. Kindly understand my state of mind at this moment. I might not be able to adjust me and my family anymore in this system (or should i say system?).

In such circumstances, i am broke, unable to concentrate and work on new ideas for better hood of common, and all i can do is weep from within yet wear a smile.
--- excerpt ends---

Standard Chartered Bank Chandni Chowk branch is full of incompetent and lazy staff.
1. Haseeb Mehmood - Operations Manager
2. Muhammad Akamal - Cashier
Both of these employees of Standard Chartered are inefficient and professional. They just show the rude behavior to customers.

Standard Chartered Bank Sucks.

Dear Sir
how are you sir i WDR some amount in your bank Rabwah branch i see near atm machine your bank female employe guest sitting near atm machine chair why.i asked bank guard but he ask me you ask female but i m not ask this responsibility for bank guard.please tell me about she why sitting with her guest.If i loss money or life what your bank responsible.

Best Regards,
Rashid Naeem.
Cell # 0307-5497914&0300-7247037

Please call our phone banking for further information
this error my account please OK my account thanks

my name is Muhammad Tahir But
plz yar call me
ok by


With profound grief and sorrow I am commenting a negative remark on the customer services of the bank particularly with reference to Shaheed -e- Millat Road Branch, Karachi. On 12-07-2010, at around 3.30pm I visit the bank and went to counter no. 5 for the pay order but the lady on the counter behaved awfully & so rude. I feel very bad because of that as the customer of the bank we are not expecting the same. It will definitely damage the bank reputation and bank will lose the customers as well. So kindly train up the people that how to behave with the customer and how to do the job of customer services.

It is very unfortunate that we, the loyal and loving citizens of this country are passing through times where i may be given liberty to call it "rigorous imprisonment" on hand of powerful elite who own powerful business and occupy most high ranking seats.

Please understand that no one is going to listen to us. It is this exact reason when peoples' passion is pushed to limits and they are left with no option other than either to leave their native country or take law in their own hands.

Trust me, English has a good word for people like us "pissed ups"

It is a trust deficit that we conceal our identity else the powerfuls will eliminate each every individual who stands up for right after performing liabilities honestly.

Time is going to change very soon, and we all will witness the fall of "empire of culprits" who defend and support each other to squeeze us to our limits.

Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Justice will prevail in the end. It may take a little more time, none but rightegious will emerge soon to topple handful cockroaches.

Do not "Despair"


Well SCB bank's export documentation is too difficult and they have nothing but some beautiful Girls. Basically the management of bank is not more then a group of DALLAS.


sir main ap ku batana chahta houn k main national bank main branch city Mandi baha ud din gaya tha chack chase karwanay k liya wo account mari walda ka waloun na muge ku pakar liya our mara b.main na apni walda sa b baat karwi but bank walun na muge ko na choura sir kaya aasa karna juram nahi sir i request u please take acatoin.

sir main ap ku batana chahta houn k main national bank main branch city Mandi baha ud din gaya tha chack chase karwanay k liya wo account mari walda ka waloun na muge ku pakar liya our mara b.main na apni walda sa b baat karwi but bank walun na muge ko na choura sir kaya aasa karna juram nahi sir i request u please take acatoin.

Dear Mubashir

It seems that you still belive in state and law. Well dear, it simply does not exist for common people. Please understand that only powerful illitrate elite has all the rights and privlages these days.

I filed case against SCB two years back in Sindh High court. In two years, my lawer was able to arrange hearing in court of law only once! And you know what? SCBL lawer did not appear in the court, so it is adjourned for indefinate period. (is this not a crime?)

My case does not needs more than two hearings. It is simple and straight forward.

You were abused for short time, where as many of people here are still being absued since so long. No one cares. Nothing. But being law abiding responsible citizen keeps me holding back going physical. And will keep knocking on doors of Justice System of my country.

Even nothing will happen, you must lodge an FIR against SCBL for maltreament and physical abuse.

Asif Ali

Dear Mubashir

It seems that you still belive in state and law. Well dear, it simply does not exist for common people. Please understand that only powerful illitrate elite has all the rights and privlages these days.

I filed case against SCB two years back in Sindh High court. In two years, my lawer was able to arrange hearing in court of law only once! And you know what? SCBL lawer did not appear in the court, so it is adjourned for indefinate period. (is this not a crime?)

My case does not needs more than two hearings. It is simple and straight forward.

You were abused for short time, where as many of people here are still being absued since so long. No one cares. Nothing. But being law abiding responsible citizen keeps me holding back going physical. And will keep knocking on doors of Justice System of my country.

Even nothing will happen, you must lodge an FIR against SCBL for maltreament and physical abuse.

Asif Ali

Since 9 months a branch of standard chartered bank in Peshawar refuse to pay our account money. The concerned staff said to our staff member that my signature in the check is not the same as in the bank and asked to bring a new check. I sent a new check and our staff became the same answer.
However, I issued a new check. But on September 01, 2010 as our staff came from Kabul to Peshawar to receive the concerned amount, the bank staff refused to pay the check with the reason that the sign is not complete. Who can help me what to do.


Naseer, You should write to Bank of England in England since Standard Chartered Pakistan employees are involved in money laundering and fraud......Inform them and even State Bank of PAKISTAN of malpractices of this bank....Pull your accounts out of Standard Chartered Bnak and your company.....The bank is filled with fraud employees.....and share your experience with all newspapers in Pakistan, Abroad, facebook and other mode of cmmunication./.....


if you can and know please send me the email or address of the concerned bank of SCB of Englan. We need very urgend help.

Thank you

I thought I was the only one who had issues with STB!!!

I decided to open a bank account in STB (26th Street Branch, DHA 5, Karachi, PK) and got the account number on 17th August 2010 with a promise that I will get ATM and other stuff within 5 biz days.

I emailed on 31st August and got their reply next day asking for my CNIC which I gave them. Its 7th Sept and I am still waiting :(

Great My prayers are with you try to contact Banking Mohtasib their process is speedy. Good Luck

Brother Imran,

if your advice was for me, thank you very much.

Plz my account online baking okay karye plz

i will transfer my account from scb g.t.road gujrat pakistan to any other bank.....becouse i need credit card from my own money leen mark i request 10000 time but not i m costumer of this banck from 7 years but very disheart....

Standard Chatered Bank Dubai provides excelent customer services at Dubai, but in Pakistan. it is just...... waste of time, a bulshit customer service, a bulshit internet banking, nobody will read your words what you send by email, they will reply with an auto reply that go to our branch with your id card and bla bla bla
nobody care about your problem or concern, branch will ask you to contact headoffice Karachi, and karachi would ask you to go to your branch, even for a question you need to visit their branch for the answer, shittttttt few pakistani local banks are better than Standard Chartered Bank
while opening my account they asked me to provide a salary certificate, a company NOC, birth certificate, domicile oh goshhhhhh and this and that,,, i said i want to give you my money i am not came here to make national identity card, how do i provide a company letter while i am running a shop behind your wall,,,, they have no marketing sence at all... shitttt
nobody contact me to inform that my Cheque Book is read in the Bank (my flight was next day when i went their tell them that you have put the wrong email in my internet banking account, there is no option to change it) i got cheque Book and asked the counter guy that atleast you should give me a call, he replied in a very rude way that go and ask to the person who opened your account.... aahhhhh shittttttt
i singed a form to correct my email address, in the branch,,,, and today it is almost one and half month, the problem is still not solved
where to contact? who to contact? i haved called couple of times but they says Please sir you visit your branch... how can I, i live abroad.

one more interesting thing about current account on their website is showing minimum balance in 5000 rupess, but actully it is 30000 rupees after opening the account, my God
alot of troubles, i even dont wanna go to branch to close my account, hate them.

HSBC Middle East Bank, great services, i have opened my account their one year ago, byGod i never visit the bank till today, their all process is online, very convenient, very good internet banking services with propmt replies and solutions.

i suggest all readers to please dont go to this Standard chartered bank in Pakistan, better to chose a local bank instead.

i forgot to tell that SCB send my internet banking id (which is most confidential) to the wrong email id which they entered in their system,,,,,,, then few days effort did work and finally i got my internet banking id by calling them, it was an interesting story, they said after i making request i should sit near my home landline phone to wait for their call which make takes 2-3 hours, otherwise they will call me next day, during this time i should be near my landline phone to recieve their call to get my internet banking id or other information,,,, aah suxxxxxx i cant describe how i felt that time to know their bushit stupid system and the representative who asked me to sit near the phone and wait for their call,,, oh God,,, i would prefer to put my money in a Dig instead SCB

oh NO..... one more headache... Standard Chartered Bank...
i just wanted to transfer some money to my father's account and what happend ... read below the instructions in my Internet Banking Page:

(To set up your beneficiary online, you will need to have your mobile phone with you.You will receive a code via SMS on your mobile number and a PIN at your email address which needs to be entered in Online Banking to complete the setup. )

i want to "dewaar ko takrein maarne ka ji kar raha hai is time" how do i use my bloody fuone in this foreign country????? in another hand my email id is wrong in their system which i already made complaint by visit my branch one and half month ago, but still it is wrong..... God what i do with this Bank?????????????????

i pay all the dues of my crdit cards payments in 2007 and handed over to bank now when i open an account in the standerd cahrted bank in 2010 they tranfer an amount of 11331 without any notice to me or any call to me it is bull shet they haier 20 gys a day in the market and when u ask for these guys on the next week they disaper form the bank then u cant do any think

Dear fellows, this is not the end what you people discussed, one of SCB bank manager gone beyond this, he is a manager of SCB, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Mr Saad, got money from some of good customers included us, who had deposits in branch, he called some customers for a meeting in his office individually, and offered investment opportunity in a commercial plaza including flats which was going to constructed in phase 06 Bahria Town, he told us this is a project of SCB and so secure to invest, and we are going to deliver you within 08 months, if failed we will pay you double amount it is written in agreement, signed in his office in bank and he is a witness too, bear in mind this deal took place in FEB 2009, and we have to deposit 1.5 million to book a flat or shop, we did this, after some time he called again and asked for second instalment of 500,000- we paid, now its been almost two years, their is nothing on ground but a structure, and after so many calls and visits that manager said (one month before) that it was not the project of SCB it was my project we was surprised and he didnt stop to amaze us because one week ago when we fail to found any way and told him to launch a complaint against him, he said the piece of land was mine which I sold to whom is constructing your building and dont try to involve me into it, what only I can do is, arrange a meeting with that builder you people can talk directly, now he lost again, not attending calls nor sitting in office. we are worried because someone told us he is moving to Dubai in JAN or FEB, now we can clearly understand he is killing the time only. and will runaway with all the money.
this is the story, we need your advise and any possible way to recovery.
I. Ali
United Kingdom.

Dear Rao Ali

This is a public forum. We all are suffering from this bank in way or another.
You should write to immidiately.
Also consider to file a combined FIR on highest priority.

Since you live in UK, and SCB's Head Office is also in UK, move and shake them.


Asif Ali

Dear Rao
It is almost USELESS to contanct any as you will find delayed replies inquiring about the case that will also be from an unknown person so you can never be assured who is communicating to you a peon, an assistant, a manager, a directory or anyone else.

It is better to write email to SC international office in UK addrressing president and copying the same email to Pakistani SC i.e., regardless the solution, you will be heard at once.

Good Luck

well friends i agree to all that has happend to u all i am also a suffere of this bank. . they are hopeless case and also make many mis commitments too but can anyone tell me that what is the response of writting on this blog? like how many of u got heared? or is it just a forum to share what we have been through?

And Ali Rao i agree that even these complaints are of no use too. . .

Dear Rao
This blog is to make awareness and share among other consumers. Though at the moment we don't find any significant change in the behaviours and approach of SC people, but with time 'consumers influence' force them to change. Lets keep our spirits and efforts alive by telling and spreading the TRUTH about formallly and informally CORRUPT factors in Pakistan.
Good Luck to Pakistan and Pakistani fellows.

thanx alot . . i hope that we all are heard . . . i am also a victim of it and despite of mailing at the ask email of scb and despite of getting a call from them and than even from the concerned authority the concerned branch manager is still giving no serious attention to my complaint . . . i wonder what to do . . .

Guy do as I did... No one heard ,, i have been put on a run around by the SC mother fuckers... from Islamabad to Karachi.. every single person is a shit, they all are piece of crap... and the guy who scammed me from SC Karachi recovery branch.... I got him on the street in Karachi...

I managed to call him on the street somehow and smashed his face and nose, I am sure he had enough stitches on his face, coz I heard he was infant,.,...

So please do get afraid and call those people or follow them who are involved and hit them hard in their ass... this is the only solution we are left with.,...

Very bad banking and incompetant staff in SCB Cantt branch Quetta besides many phone calls.I deposit a cheque of Rs 72875 for inter city clearing on 14-01-11,but still not cleared after 10 days nor reflect from my account statement.Further the behaviour of all concerned staff Mehrab,Mehdi,Hameeeda and even Nadir Kasi is not attending phone call to attend and register complaints.It is very sad for me.

hello yes i agree

SCB Bank is very very bad bank in Pakistan.

Badar Kazmi the ex-CEO was a useless and spineless person..He was more interested in entertzining foreign masters/his bosses rather taking care of the customers....He is a real theif...I curse him and his entire family......Insha-Allah , revenge is sweet..Clients should campaign against SCB on media and press....everywhere

SCB has been a worst bank in my experience so far. I opened my account with them and then received an email stating that online-banking password will be sent by postal mail. I never received a postal letter even after complaining them several times. It is very critical for me if they are posting my statements to some unknown addresses.

They claim to be the fastest service bank in receiving foreign remmittances. Upon account opening they said that I would receive the payment into my account to very next day when it was initiated from abroad. So we asked our two customers to send payments through our SCB account in Pakistan. They sent it but we haven't received anything even after a whole week. After my frequent requests to SCB, initially they have been saying that it can be at least 48-72 hours process to reach the wire from US to PK. And now they said they are just trying to figure out. Really this is a great setback to me as we receive foreign remmittance within 2 days max. through another local bank in Pakistan. I was in urgent need of money that's why I tried SCB account as they claimed to be the fastest in receiving payments from abroad. I still don't know when these payments will arrive in to my SCB account. But believe me this is a horrible experience for me. Even the attitude of their people is threatening.

pakistan me reh ke qanoon aur haq ki baat????? Ya Allah Khair......
standard chartered bank 4 months tak meri monthly statement ek wrong email id per kisi aur ko send karta raha, i was out of pakistan i have called to several times but they said u have to come back to pakistan to change the email id, fukc..... wo to thanks God ke internet banking me email disable ka option tha jisay disable kar ke kam se kam ye to huwa ke meri personal statments kisi aur ko forward hone se bachi----
ab pakistan jaa ke sab se pehla kaam SCB se account khatam karna hai,,,, in se acha kisi goverment ke chutiya bank me paise daal do but SCB ko na do, full gandu services, rude and londa party doesnt know about customer care.

Most Honourable Respected Sir/Madam,
I have the honour to take interpedity/temerity to invite your kind attention towards my miserable circumstances and seeking your help to resolve my present matter.
With best regards it is stated that I am an old man of 59 years from Karachi Pakistan. I was runing my business of Mobile CellPhones.Meanwhile M/S. Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan provided me business loan on pre-colateral of our house.Unfortunately meanwhile I became sick and fell victimof Mental depression, Hypertention ,Diabetic and cardic disease with the result I sustained huge loss and I lost my business and I became Psychiatric Patient. The above cited Bank,s threat is to auction our house. I narrated whole matter in the mercifulappeal to Mr. JHON PEACE andMr.PETER SANDS 1,Aldermanbury Square London U.K Phone #00442078858888 of London tothe President and the Chief Executive of the Bank respectively with complete evidences four times one and again but still my matter has not been resolved.
Now I have only way togoing to knock the doors of Human Rights agency as well as Psychiartic Forum being the matterof my life and death.I am too much mentally dpressed tosustain the loss of my house.I am in severe depression and worried about the direconsequences by above Bank.
I am also feeling some kinds of sounds producing in my mind. My mind depressing me to commit suicide in order to get rid off such liabilities.
I submit my merciful Appeal to you people because you are quite capable to play vital role to resolve human Problem all over people of the world.
It is worth mentioned here that now the karachi Pakistan Bank has partially solved my matter but it is yet to be resolved now completely by the Headquarter London.
I honourably request your kind honour to take-up my matter on humanitarian grounds with your
request to the authority concernMr. PETER SANDS of London office in order to prevent the action of above Bank as they are fully competent and decision making power to consider and solve my issue and give me mental relief and save my soil.
I am looking forward to your kind action.

Your,s Sincerely
Razi ullah khan
Address: B-268 Block-14 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.
Land Phone # +9234023588
Cell # +92345254 5550
A/C. 01-3283011-02 Standard Chartered Bank Karachi
I n the end I hope and pray that your goodself would be kind enough to give personal attention to my matter and and take up my matter with the the competent authority HonobleMr. PETER SANDS in LONDON in order to give me mental relief.

i m agree scb bank this bank is very fast services, i can asked u transfor payment any account any other bank get charges please tell me

i m agree with this bank standard charted please help me about fund transformer any bank and guied me how can send balance any branch payment send. i m very thankfull to u

I certainly agree, as I too alongwith my wife are going through the same ordeal. I have lost a huge sum in business and at the moment both myself and my wife are without jobs with three children still studying, and have not been able to pay our bills of credit cards due to non-availability of funds and are undergoing toomuch stress/depression. We do not know what to do, as we still both jobless and at this age of 54 & 50 where will we find ourselves jobs. I am sure the bank has an insurance plan whereby all outstanding dues can be waived off in case one cannot pay especially at this time when both of us are jobless. Please help us find a solution

national bank of pakstan umerkot branch men commition nizam khatam karoo 03003062349

Assalam o Alykum,
i am sorry to see u r services i had completed the documents but i didnot able to get response from u r side. In this regard u r advised to provide me my insurance documents

An early reply shall be highly appricated

Imran Aslam

Assalam o Alykum,
i am sorry to see u r services i had completed the documents but i didnot able to get response from u r side. In this regard u r advised to provide me my insurance documents

An early reply shall be highly appricated

Imran Aslam

I am unfortunately an account holder in SCB today i went to one of the branch in Karachi located near metro pole hotel i went to deposit some amount in my account unfortunately i dint had my account number which i thought was not an issue as my turn came i asked the teller/cashier to provide me my account number he refused to provide me the information i went to the branch manager he somehow manage to give me the account number i was standing in the Que as my turn was about to come teller/cashier started talking with an other client who standing in another Que about his marriage hahaha...that how he managed to get married that was quite funny i asked the teller/cashier to take that costumers number and talk about your family matters after your duty that was it he started shouting he said (dafa ho jao main tumhara kam nahe karon ga jo kerna hay kerlo )i said i'll complain against you he said (SCB mera kuch nahe ukhar saktay)and again started abusing then the guard came and started pushing me i asked the guard not to push me he abused me and said that he will actually shoot me i am really afraid of that guard is that security guard there for shooting costumers i came out from the bank and then went to the SCB branch at shahra-e-quaideen it was the branch where i opened my account i spoke to the branch manager ADNAN he said if u don't like our services simply take the account closing form and close your account is this how your associates treat the client i dint knew that standard chartered hire a bunch of illiterate person i was with SCB since 5 years but now i really don't like standard chartered at all i also complained on the standard chartered service center i also have a complaint along with me well it was a bad experience working with you people

Most Honourable Respected Sir/ Madam,
I have the honour to take interpedity/temerity to invite your kind attention towards my miserable circumstances and seeking your help to resolve my present matter.
With best regards it is stated that I am an old man of 59 years from Karachi Pakistan. I was runing my business of Mobile Cell Phones.Meanwhile M/S. Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan provided me business loan on pre-colateral of our house.Unfortunately thereafter I became sick and fell victim of Mental depression, Hypertention ,Diabetic and cardic disease with the result I sustained huge loss and I lost my business and I became Psychiatric Patient. The above cited Bank,s threat is to auction our house. I narrated whole matter in the merciful appeal to Mr. JHON PEACE and Mr.PETER SANDS 1,Aldermanbury Square London U.K Phone #00442078858888 of London tothe President and the Chief Executive of the Bank respectively with complete evidences four times one and again but still my matter has not been resolved.
Now I have only way to go to knock the doors of Human Rights agency as well as Psychiartic Forum being the matterof my life and death.I am too much mentally dpressed to sustain the loss of my house.I am in severe depression and worried about the dire consequences by above Bank.
I am also feeling some kinds of sounds producing in my mind. My mind depressing me to commit suicide in order to get rid off such liabilities.
I submit my merciful Appeal to you people because you are quite capable to play vital role to resolve human Problem all over people of the world.
It is worth mentioned here that now the karachi Pakistan Bank has partially solved my matter but it is yet to be resolved now completely by the Headquarter London.
I honourably request your kind honour to take-up my matter on humanitarian grounds with your
request to the authority concernMr. PETER SANDS of London office in order to prevent the action of above Bank as they are fully competent and decision making power to consider and solve my issue and give me mental relief and save my soil.
I am looking forward to your kind action.

Your,s Sincerely
Razi ullah khan
Address: B-268 Block-14 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.
Land Phone # +9234023588
Cell # +923123178285
A/C. 01-3283011-02 Standard Chartered Bank Karachi
I n the end I hope and pray that your goodself would be kind enough to give personal attention to my matter and and take up my matter with the the competent authority HonobleMr. PETER SANDS in LONDON in order to give me mental relief.

Badar Kazmi has run to Saudi Arabia. He was a son of a bitch and big bastard.....I curse him..he destroyed the banks image......Fuck you badar kazmi and aalishaan zaidi -----mother fucker

Actually this so called foreign bank not used to emails and Internet. Although they are encouraging people to do banking online but they themself are desi, don't have adequate knowledge and only thing can do online is chat.

I live abroad and I need to inquire about my remittances transactions time to time but they never replied on standard "info@", "askus@" emails.

The solution I found for this is to collect 100s of their management email addresses from Internet and save in file and whenever any info required send email to all of them.

I remember once I need to know the USD - PKR exchange rate for one of my remittance, I didn't get response even after several email in a week but when I used the above method I got phone call on my cell from Pakistan telling me the info, I said pls reply to my email I don't have time to note it down here.

people if you dont get satisfactory reply or no reply at all after confirmed emails/written compalins write to State Bank Consumer dept and Banking Mohtasib

many of us are not aware of the banking mohtasib and most of the time State Bank is enough to bring the banks on right path


your lawyer has to be smart and strong to fight the case

you can always get to set the date and you may writre to chief justice of sind high court

dont rely much on your lawyer as he seems to be acting dumb

Mr. Razi

what kinda plan you have to pay back the loans?

from wht you wrote is it that you are expecting the bank to write off the loans just beacuse you got sick ?


Dear readers

Kindly NOTE that this is a public form and by no means connected to SCB.
Many of you are posting your personal details over this forum which is never desireable.

Kind regards

Asif Ali (the first victim who initiated this thread)

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have my account in standard chartered bank, and my Account number is (01-1655057-01) and i want to update my new mobile number for online banking.i had fill that form 1 time but there is not any response.i want to update this number(0315-3111847)
waiting for your kind and quick response.
Rabeeka Raza

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

Rabeeka Raza

please be clear that this is not a Bank website or related with Bank in any way

I suggest that you visit the customer center of the bank with original CNIC and a letter to add your cell number.

Usually they call you on your landline to confirm the request to add the number

We should collectively take steps against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

Dear Mr. Razi

Most of the time we never bother to read the fine prints we sign not even after months and when the bank envoke we blame the bank

Further there are procedures which bank follows and that is for all the customers. If we feel they are not fair, we can always complain to the bank / state bank and banking mohtasib. But most of the time we dont do it.

In majority of the cases we dont have enough proofs

As we find it easy to complain than to do anything. As a last restort change the bank .

You can see from the above post that no one bothers to read few lines above and keep on pasting their entire lettes presuming that this is a banks's website. even if it is you are not suppose to paste the detials like account number

I wonder why Ms. Rebeeka call the call center to get the address of custoemr center or take the example Mr. Muhammad.Saad he was expecitng that cashier of branch in which is not his branch will entertain his request to provide him the account number. To me even the manager providing him with the account detials was incorrect unless he verified it with the branch in which he had his account.

We should collectively takeup matter with M/S.Standard Chartered Bank

Mr. Razi why you keep on posting meaningless line again and again. Nothing will happen if post few more times as well

in Majority of cases the account holder has not taken any serious actions and most there are no proofs

Even in your case you never bothered to reply as to what relief you are expecting from

i am account holder and visa gold card holder,i got more then 52000 points and like to redeem,in short i got vouchers of united mobiles,which you can go to only few shops,and they are charging 20 % ( rs 2700 ) more then the exclusive normal united mobile shop in karachi,
i have few questions with the scb responsibles:
you have made the reedeem system very restricted and limited without any reason,
why you have only one choice united mobile only ? why not other franchise like advance telecom etc etc ?
why only few office or head offices ?
why only voucher of rs 2500 ? why not redeem all points ?
why they are charging more then the united mobile shops,and what is the benefit of your bank to spend more money by your customers?
why it is not mentioned in your documents ,that you can only buy from the specific shops on the vouchers,
why we can not talk to your senior bank officers for any complaints ?
you have also mentioned wrong adresses of united mobile on your vouchers,
i have name of shops,visited of united mobile
you gave the name of contact person on voucher,but your representative could not recognise nor connected,
i have called three times and made complaints to rectify or answer but no reply, in 3rd call she told me that we have only this complaints no previous complaint is recorded.why ?

i know why these above problems we are facing,because your bank personnals made agreements from this company on money sharing basis directly involved in corruption,they may get extra money from united mobile other wise no point to pay more,this i can discuss a lot if you give chance to see you.
this is giving bad impression of standard chartered bank not staff.

i want clear answer otherwise i have right to send all your documents to media or go in the court of law.

We should face thje consequenses of M/S.Standard Chartered Bank Collectively

We have to raised the matter collectively against M/S.Standard Chartered Bank
Razi ullah khan

Mr. Syed Mohabat Ali
I do agree with you that majority of banks have created a barier between customer and bank which is called call center. There is no 2nd level to move the complaint forward.

I too have faced diffrent issue with Stndrd chrtd bank

As far as your issue is concerned let me give you some answers

Mobile companines like united, advance, mobile zone, etc have only few outlets which are directly operated by the company. Rest are simple outlets or franchises.

The head office or company outlets usually set at the fix price which is higher than regular ourtles or franchises. Thats the common policy for any product. So even if you buy without voucher the price might be higher.

You are right that all outlets or rather major outlets should accept the vouchers but mostly its not the case as the outlets and franchise are not bothered to handle such accouting and they wont be making much money as it would be a direct sale of the company . Therefore they restrict to headoffice or some particualr outlet.

Why only united mobile well this is because the other companies do not wish to. its not by the restriction of the bank. More the companies better for the bank but usually companies dont opt for these things.

Yes i agree that it doesnt make sense to have a voucher of just 2500 if not all than atleast the amount should be lot higher thant that

the price as i told you above wil be like that and not even for vouchers but even if you get flyers for buy products on installments, the price will be the list price of the company and you can get a good discount if you buy from any outlet. The pricing is due to which the product company is offer and nothing to do with the bank

thats the trick. you may have learned by now but when you buy the mobile did the shopkeeper tell you to that to claim the warranty you have to go directly to the united mobile for repairs ? usally they dont tell you. Most of the electronics item you buy for warranty you have to look for the company phone number or warranty outlet to go there and get it repaired.Its unethical but they do it and mostly all over the world.

yes thats alwasy being the issue that no matter how serious things may so you are always facing the person who has no powers or brain. But than there is state bank

wrong address - agreed they should have prited correct details

Usally they give complaint number and if they dont than try recording your call and also email them the complain keep the recording so it can be used as proof

one more thing - THIS IS NOT A BANK WEBSITE. This is a forum to exchange views and all

No one from bank will give you answer here

I strongly suggest that you wrtie to State Bank and also to Banking Mostisib. it will work as most of the time it does

Thanks. We should collectively raise the grievance before M/S.Standard Chartered Bank.

You are absolutely right, i don't know wht is in the mind of their staff members, they are very very very non cooperative, they never put priority to customer.

we should collectively raised our grievances to the BankM

Strangely, Srandard Chartered Bank of Pakistan which is private organization is no different then other corrupt departments of Pakistan Government. They have just put the lable of some foreign bank on their face to trap the people, otherwise, they are nothing more then black sheeps behind the curtains.
The CMO of the bank acts as king of some state who can take decisions irrespective of local or international banking rules and regulation.
I am also victim of this bank who had been sent 1600 Euros from Dublin from my cousin;s friend.on sept 14,2011 (8-9 days before).

First, although it was Telegraphic Transfer which should reach into beneficiary's account within 3-4 working days but it took almost twice as much time(8-9 days) then the usual time normally taken by the other banks.
Second ,finally, when the amount was transferred in my account , again I was astonished to find that the bank has robbed away Rs. 10,000 from the transaction, as their service charges as per order of CMO of the bank, in Karachi. Thereupon, I visited the branch manager to find out the reason for this day light robbery but he had no answer and looked helpless and a bit shameful , as well, however,finally he advised me to write to some higher authorities of the bank to resolve the issue.....but who is the highier authority? can anybody guide me how to resolve this issue? ...thanks
Muhammad Farooque

very bad banking no give risponce to customer

Dear Mohammad Farooque

first try to the get the actual picture by visiting any other branch and ask them about their charges

There are charges but not that much. They have charges you like 5% usually the amount is fix and this 10000 seems quite high

So first you have to verfiy if you have been charged as per the bank policy or not

Further you can always approach to State Bank for complaints.

Farooque you see the problem is that we do not collect the info before doing anything and than blame the others.

If for example this bank do charge this amount as their policy, there is no point in complaining as it was our duty to confirm before carrying out the transaction.

We have to rigth to complain on quality of service and for charges which are over and above the ones which are listed in the schdule


Mr. Frooque i would strongly suggest that you follow up the case as so far the info i have recived is that the your bank is never suppose to deduct any charges

if you dont have an Euro account than at the banking rate the amount will be converted into Pak Rs. and credited into your account

do go after the bank and get your mony back

also get the info from the sender bank if they had dedcuted the amount from the 1600 or were paid seperately

we should collectively raise the grievances to the Bank

Please write your compliant to CEO SCB-London

Share your case with him. Report fraudulent activities of the bank to him

You all are advice to lodge your complaints directly to these people instead of filing complaint or sharing your personal details to ir-relevant people: (CEO Standard Pakistan) (Head Operations) (Head Consumer Banking) (Head Operational Risk), (Ex.HoCB), (Head Complaints) (Complaint) (Head Compliance) (Head HR) (Head Audit) (Head Risk) (Head Cards)

The bank service is very much good, mostly of you are facing problems because you all don't know banking system.
Some of you are facing Credit Card problem; that you dont want Credit card but it was made. My dear if someone come to home for selling Credit Card (the person who comes to you home for selling cards & product is not Banks employee, its on third party contract), if you dont want Credit Card then just refuse Sales Office; why you gave him you CNIC..? your CNIC is confidential thing & you opened the same to Sales Office.

Secondly, so many people in this portal want to complaint regarding Bank behavior that they are not given WRITE OFF on their Loans & Lockers charges. My dear; why you used Bank service.

One person in this portal Mr.Uzair is against Badar Kazmi & calling him behari; why. Mr.Badar Kazmi or who ever is President of any Bank is not responsible for giving you feedback on daily basis.
Its your Branch responsibility; & then of Banking Mohtasib.

Some of people in this portal are basically Lawyers & Consultants & giving advises to so called Victims; & sharing their emails & Cell#; just because of their commisions.

You all are advice to lodge your complaints directly to these people instead of filing complaint or sharing your personal details to ir-relevant people: (CEO Standard Pakistan) (Head Operations) (Head Consumer Banking) (Head Operational Risk), (Ex.HoCB), (Head Complaints) (Complaint) (Head Compliance) (Head HR) (Head Audit) (Head Risk) (Head Cards)

SCB = Sabse Chootiya Bank (only in Pakistan)

i have a complain against ur recovery dept but no body listen to me

Dear Asif,
i hope you will get justice.just a piece of info maybe it will help you.state bank of pakistan SBP provides consumer and customer protection through their complain system.just visit any of the SBP branch or straight away file an official complain to state bank against SCB via an email.i am sure you will get your right and sue them. State Bank will help you.
Best regards

I agree that the banks now a days have started dealing delinquently. deficient and faulty services are rendered by the Financial institutions this way or that. i had faced a similar scenario where two of my cheques where dishonored on paradoxical ground yet sufficient fund where available in my account so i sued them. luckily i was fortunate enough to find a competent lawyer who filed a suit against SCB. finally bank branch manager came up to the settle the matter and i was satisfied with the compensation they paid me against my loss. we have laws but a competent lawyer is required to raise your voice. engage some good lawyer and deal him a percentage out of the damages the bank pays. u will only have to pay for the cost of the proceeding n that is not too much at least not in my case.

best wishes
Omer Hamayun

Wallaikum Assalaam Omer Humayun Bhai. Thanks for your kind words. We should jointly raised our grievances so that it will be solved.
Razi ullah khan

Dear Omer

DO you think you can share the name and the contacts of the lawyer

Dear Sir,
I want start the to use business of Transport
I need loan Amount $ 20000/- My Account No. 3955-8 ALLIED BANK OF PAKISTAN Kotli Loharan East Tehsil & Distt Sialkot Pakistan.
Name of Account Holder. Nadeem Ahmad Malik
My Mobile No is: 03026114106
E.mail is:

I am waiting.

Yours faithfully,

( Nadeem Ahmad Malik )
son of Nazir Ahmad Malik ( Late )
Resident of Mohallah Kalan East,
House No. 740, Kotli Loharan East,
Tehsil & District: Sialkot Pakistan.

Wallakum Assalaam
Nadeem Ahmed Malik Saheb

Dear Ahmed Hashmi

Thank you for your valuable input. Actually I did contact SBP through their portal and I was updated that SBP will contact you in next 24hours. It has been almost 4 years now without response! Even though one my very good friend is at higher level management at SBP but then we have to meet Pakistani culture on every step of life. My only and exclusive reason to leave this country.

Kind regards

Asif Ali

Dear Asif, I can understand how you feel about all this but at the same time i would like to point out certain observations

you emailed to SBP and did not do any followup for 4 years ? - follow up is the key to sucess in any situation. Plus personal visit make a differnce

Accepting the fate and blaming the system is the easiest thing to do.

What Pakistani culture ? are you Pakistani ?

you are forgetting while writing that SCB is not a Pakistani bank - and my friend let me tell you that in USA / UK and other countries too you will face thing like that

Things surly would have been diffrent of you had followed up you case with SCB, SPB and banking mohtasib.

any ways thanks for creating this thread

Dear Hanif,

Probably you did not read my text completely. I have been to SBP several time and that too through my university friend who is working at VP leve in SBP.

I stopped following up with SBP since I filed a suit agains SCB in Sindh High Court in Jan 2009. SCB lawyer, who is not an English man, updated me that he fully agees with my grief butsince he is respresenting SCB, he will drag case for next 20years or so :)

One can not pursue justice from tow or more institutions at the same time as per law.

I told branch manger that the allegation thrown on me is an absolute lie and that the bran must apologise and I will accept it. UK/US are and were never a priority for a person like me who uphold holds Pak flag 12 moths of year and not on 14th August only.

My kids learnt word "Lie" or "Jhoot" after joining school! Tehy trust my word to this day and I have never betrayed them or anyone else who I am in contact with.

I have never broken any law of land (including road signals) except 2 or 3 times unwillingly as the lights at signal were non-functional.

Never ever have paid bribe of even 10 rupee, because It is we who bribe and promote culture of corruption where as people who ask for it are less sinful.

I pay my taxes, utility bills in-time, have never tempered energy meter. Haram is Haram in all of its forms.

It is extremely difficult to keep yourself clean in gutter of corrupt people but I will keep trying it. You can call me a Martian in Pakistan :)

I love my country but not the people who have made this country a filth. No all are same but left a few ones are living in hibernation in this society.

Hope you understand me.

Kind regards

Asif Ali

PS: I understand that many will doubt my words, and I care not. Truth and hoesty is really the best policy (though very harsh)

i dont doubt a single word of yours and im so proud of you and wish we all be like you.

I really hope you High court suit get through


i wish you very best of luck in your appeal .......


SCB top officials are getting good lessons from english bosses. Keep writing on this portal since Peter Sands CEO SCB London is now following this portal now. Write all your compliants to him at [ CEO SCB Bank in London]

Peter Sands kicked bihari thief Badar Kazmi out of SCB-Saudi Arabia since he committed fraud and now he is CEO NIB Bank in karachi. Badar Kazmi will continue to do fraud since he is not loyal to any orgnization. he was thrown out of BCCI bank since he was involved in money laundering with Gokal group ...Keep writing to SCB -CEO in london Peter Sands

Uzair Ahmed

Dear Uzair:

Thank you for your post me and many here are personally are grateful to you.

Dear Peter Sands:

Its not about Badar Kazmi, it is about reviving SCBP policies, removing incompetent staff and inducting able, pleasant and competent people.

SCB lawyer confirmed me that his firm will run this case up to 20y and beyond taking full advantage of late justice system of Pakistan.


Asif Ali

Badar KAZMI was kicked out SCB Saudi Arabia since he committed fraud and saudi authorities caught him red handed with one brazlian woman in Riyadh

Thiefs are in SCB and womanizer...Peter Sands did a great thing

really, in 2012 S.C Bank still have frontline staff who are not equiped with basic product/service information, & They never call you back after they say 'we will call you back in 5 minutes'


One on the Heads Named Zia Akhter Abbas is there....Pretend to have artificial expertise grab him by any means for such complains!!!

you have sent me a legal notice and i have not been using this facility since 4 years so kindly is ko khatam kre and send me N.O.C.

Wallaikum Assalaam
Thanks to comment affirmatively.

Pls notify and send your complains to the State Bank of Pakistan.

Emran Assad, branch manager SCB Hill Park Branch, can solve your problems. He will listen yourgreviences with patience and iam sure will find a solution to your any problem. .......Yes I mean any damn problem. He has just one requirement and that wouldnt cost you a single dime. Just fuck his wife and your issues stand resolved. You will enjoy, as I always did.

Wallaikum Assalaam

Payment issued from abroad on 2 April 2012. It 20 April 2012 but no credit in my account regarding this payment. No satisfactory responses from representatives. Very non professionals behavior.

Wallaikum Assalaam dear Rashid Javed

God just reading this i want to start crying i wish i had read this earlier.......;( I totally agree with Mr Jillani......... these people are corruot and incompetent... a friend of mine wanted to open a GBP account in Dec 2011 ... his account was opened after 2months....and on the last friday of the month so that they could charge him with the penalty of minimum balance... his brother was going to send him a remittance in Euros ... he went to open a link euro account which he was denied and was told to get the remmitance in GBP!! they charged him even more than the market rate ........ he suffered a loss of Rs85,000. this was three months ago he filled a complaint....... waiting for results todate!!!!

Banks are financial institutions and must be responsible for their duties. But it is unfortunate that, in Pakistan, it is not the case. The staff of most of the local branches is incompetent and nonprofessional. Even they are unable to answer about a service that their bank offers.

I fully endorse and agree complaints and grieviences suffered by all the above comentors and urge all responsible quarters in this country to give away their slave mentality of 1857 and adopt the voices of 1947 for the development of this country and nation.

if u people have facing problem wid this bank u can contact wid me i grant relief to u all my dear brother that my cell number 034555334461 i hope u not disopinted but u people just vigilant to their rights
noman ejaz

Dear Noman Aijaz

Kindly intruduce yourself to the forum so that everyone should feel comfortable communicationg with you.


Asif Ali


0333 4297993

He stole the bank accounts of other people and then black male them with this call saying......


Visited, Two time during last two month at SCB, Gulistan e Jauhar – 2, I was known, that that in SCB, records, still my previous organization is exciting , I have changed & working in this organization since last ten years & my salary is transferring SCB since last five years from my Organization, when I share with Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Khan ( Senior Priority Relation Manger ) & fill the Form accordingly, to change the Organization, because of Time Constant I Could not visit frequently SCB, when my 2nd visit I asked to Mubeen as he has lost my filling Form this is very casual attitude , this is very strength regarding the attitude of this person, it may be misused . may I asked about the Policy to change in SCB System for “ change of Organization “ what necessary document require for this purpose .

I was visited once the representative from scb and after one week i got a million ruppess as personal loan but i never signed the documents what will happens to me i dont know coz i dont have any job nor i have any mean to return the money back to bank help me in this as they the SCB report a case in banking court against me, as Pakistani and a muslim help me all of you my email is I'm looking forward from all the best lawyers in this site. Help me i'm being a victom of fraud.


Such links are only provided on our website for the convenience of the Client and Standard Chartered Bank does not control or endorse such websites, and is not responsible for their contents.

I received the Ready Line Cash card but when the same i called the customers service centre today on 02.09.2017 at 11.05 am to get the PIN generate the Officer was reluctant to give his name. When I stressed upon he simply disconnected the line. Moreover the automated system was also not working properly and the PIN could not be generated inspite having tried for half an hour.
All this issues and problem i think it is better to cut the card into two halves and send to the concerned dept.
I am absolutely dejected by the negative response and non co-operative attitude of the customers service dept staff.
Please reverse my card fees immediately as the card is no more required.


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is either a person's ssn or alternatively staff individuality number. one particular employer personality wide variety, and EIN, is often allocated while using irs at located of a business.

importance an m 9 is required by a company in order to create condition 1099 MISC, "assorted benefit, with regard to the subcontractor. occur 1099 MISC is the final of the season keep track of that is made available to a subcontractor with the intention that he can archive the dog's income tax coming back. A subcontractor welcomes a 1099 MISC since one buyer for whom which is why he our profit total $600 or longer every year. a service within implements a subcon thetractor is suggested to keep m 9 register for lengthy four, the specific interest rates has reported.

filling out type W 9 is now W 9 presented to and also by a subcontractor a company that sets out he mission an. On the proper execution, A subcontractor must provide this subject, house address, and consequently business stage, which includes "single seller, to some extent 1 together with the w 9, A subcontractand also possesses your partner's ssn EIN, in the case when useful. resident or even country's, [url=][/url]
and the man is not at the mercy of clone withholding mainly because government.

measures The rates clarifies a subcontractor that is a pure manager can provide probably his own ssn or recruiter recognition number towards. regardless, applying the social security # is actually favorite due to only house owners. A singular master might want to full that designation on the application at which depicted. A subcontractor as their clients are integrated will have to post the specific business entity as its name, your current internal revenue service letters. Jayne possesses[url=]movierulz.pz[/url]
developed and edited screen-print and internet based reports for the 2006. additional, she gets legal assistant/paralegal example of countries in particular wills and then trusts family members members law. your spouse studies suffer looked during Inquirer, jersey article and in addition region conditions. Jayne created a related limelight internship and it is an alumna to do with Syracuse University's Newhouse faculty police emails[url=]whatsapp video[/url]

BostonWorks engaging hub

recruiting, maintenance, and better.

Aaron Green's On Staffing is your reference point to improve a more rewarding staff for you. for this line, Aaron natural features its great example of the business small business supply information on getting, preserving, and as a consequence constructing efficient steadfast workers'. subject matter uncovered may include: fashion in selecting, fostering devotion among technicians together with customers, freelancing staffing and so sales pitching effort, great number initiatives, staff know-how complications, plus more,and. Aaron started your current for a brief time and as a result direct look for staffing rigorous agent Staffing sector ("PSG") Fourteen common and she has executed really achievements, for example balanced enlargement, [url=]sexy chinese women[/url] worldwide recognition among boston ma ideal merchants for you to work as well as,while cash payouts to achieve customer trustworthiness hailing from determined customer companies. PSG regular shopper and worker respect program turned out privileged with Staffing [url=]chinese wife[/url] Industry guide your unwanted watches give over ceating the best on the market program may be overweight best in a the Staffing company Inavero, a buyer dedication find bureau. PSG was initially actually district staffing rigid in massachusetts you should be referred to the actual in Staffing created by Inverno, An praise done when below what one % of their staffing organisations in a rural area. solitary year PSG includes greater than 5,000 people to work in the spheres of branch sustenance, revolutionary, plumbing in addition to the provide a loan for.

grn in the present day can serve as Vice Chairman from the our Staffing union (ASA). The us Staffing organisation is the national deal in group for the and represents 85% your staffing commercial enterprise within this rural. Aaron's effort included in the ASA gives you your ex suffering from almost automatic utilize upcoming changes and guidelines [url=]chinese brides[/url] in business. Aaron is yet another member of the Northeast hr organisation (NEHRA) and then co reclining chair concerning NEHRA's uniqueness grant committee. Aaron it is also its inventor using PSG international possibilities, gives foreign recruiting ways to staffing corporations not to mention an hour section. ahead of towards PSG, Aaron set up a lucrative govt search service provider near boston ma. Aaron truly a life long birkenstock boston arena kama'aina (, choosing adult in Sharon and additionally graduated far from Tufts or perhaps.

often be a solitary motion

this is actually the second in a series of three invitee discussions.

high-end guys frequently cook that provide a solitary pastime by the end of the season, which feels a potential deterioration. That's the wrong method to start thinking about gifting spine. [url=]latamDATE[/url] our organization many userful stuff here from chapels and temples and the direction they crank giving them to get into a great, striking social adventure. this popular profile of a player pastor at your huge rec center, statement Hybels, explains a number of magic he has. We [url=]LATAMDATE SCAM[/url] each are social animal companions just in case we carry out points with a group of people we for instance, the game becomes more fun.

Or become a member a step ofDining with regard to, [url=]LATAMDATE[/url] Which has become secular interactions in borrows the orlando reasoning of fellowship or joyous awarding for a reason. DFW offers web site visitors draw a vessel good fortune serving to tons non commercial and they then all distribute the bucks make use of them pay at dining to a decided on influence empowering housewives across the globe.

Fareed Zakaria navigation panel TVEvery peopleek supply you with advanced job interviews that has world commanders, Newsmakers not to mention experts people who break up our planet's touchiest hardships.

Xingfenzhen ough

Just to boost your workers wiki piece, The tight Shanghai look a static correction isn't the transformative place when considering Qing period Qipao. A two put rendition was also in demand for the connections accompanied by child clothing not to mention daywear for second kind persons. for the other hand, as well as Qipao increasingly turned out to be a much dress outfit instead of daywear, of the Shanghai option received information about. this tool completing rather involving and also genuinely has. So it definitely some having date that can right now developing.

The most interesting level I view about this whole accident is exactly how much video coverage it is now. of all the so-called hard anodized cookware thought offering actually being despite in the last number of years, entirely chris are friends,james tao taken off united is now complementary degree insurance protection. thinking that isn purely a marathon publication. even now really good choices with these runners super star electricity needs didn produce second multiple NYT reports.

if you ask me, i think it fine for some individuals to wear Qipao and / or Hanfu in place isn any individual egregious dispect. terrible, In the dimensions connected concerns maybe the risky position is pretty nominal. which the lady would you think is in fact improper, And is as hurtful, simply is any of it sudden or perhaps a great? in the final analysis those things that the lady does in the Qipao one is more a think about she is more than on Qipao or far east ethnic heritage. using labelling interpersonal appropriation or victimization is unquestionably passing the check of judgement up if this type of as counsel very white of could make or escape the meaning of both.

One greatest observe, how she can create cop out immediately following, from the [my personal paraphrasrightng ] I wear figure out this is, I preferred it the idea a stylish are dressed exactly who doesn mirror your skin if you want to I definitely appreciating china society as a body language can be affair youtube, I didn nicely it was and many others. through the elevation related with I did nothing wrong, a person will misguided. it's possible that include almost all people rush correct away of the end with no having question for you is a transparent indicate created by both very white privilege coupled with recommendations on how irrelevant wok cookware concerns usually are. the vast majority of contrasted consisting of hash disciplining them harshly treated your internet fraternity blackface happening, quick grown timbers,regardless of the odd obvious deviation has become severity.

Xingfenzhen [credit score hidden] created 3 a long time inside the past

that which you express applies for virtually all noobs toward shootings, fernrrstliche or perhaps a white-colored. i did previously take americans taken from individual getting together on the shooting do range pair years back, so notwithstanding these briefing in the vehicle about dealing each and every one pistols given that loaded, add phase attending persons and sessions off carry along with. after jewelry watch that i recounted goes outside the windows one time they touching the gun and start crazy enthralled.

the one change over caucasian and in addition rush is that the majority of them routine your while either young people or budding teenager, of which established everyday people whole lot more flexible near the lender.

Xingfenzhen [review obscured] created 21 days before

each two frontrunners finalized some documents, contains a brand new symposium to reinforce support companies on top of that web business assistance to develop a A$50 billion dollars (US$37 billion) struggle in late 2016 over spain to provide Australia's absolutely new fleet of next group submarines.

unwind. it people from france just to promote certain too costly arm rest business world. 37 thousand. discover ways to portugal provides quite a lot of submarines.

view: no more than very easily looked on. darn where posh of diesel powered electrics, england customer base happens to be very well achieved.

Xingfenzhen [scores concealed] provided 21 period within the

the total amount saved s persons practically side tracked to allow them to measurement pm 2.5 in happening areas. burning up firewood also slash/burn agriculture is now a long way bad to quality of air than cars market sector. going traversing to a remote oriental community staying a tourer, [url=]chnlove[/url] the oxygen is all nice sure a. m,most morning, in which anyone tried cooking as much as noontime together with lumber, along with air grew to even worse as if he does not more shocking as opposed beijing, soon after all around two tons, the phrase clears back up and moreover it is all totally good however (at some point the evening meal.)

manage: merely identified from the content

Beijing was seen as town which often visited symbolise smog, But this perhaps even the actual list of earth's 100 very contaminated places now. wearing 2013, It positioned as the 40th not-so-good community your air particle PM2.5, unfortunately four months concerning truly in the notice 187.

but the road showcases Beijing on 40th set. such that discussion often is by means of 2013?

i do believe the ultra-modern qipao to be sure is a bit more popular and therefore "pretty" (times traditional western conditions), and furthermore shows (european empowered) recent design standards. alternatively, The two aspect qipao isn basically chic furthermore is what makes the individual wearing be similar to a vlg lovely lady in my opinion. Nothing wrong with that but it just the opposite of so, what hot manner specifications were these types of, in cina, outside don assume it become fashionable with proper younger people. It great deal more modest than the qipao and doesn sexualize the individual wearing even so a whole lot woderful present day modern qipao for a good reason IMO.

such a simple fact improves [url=]chnlove[/url] an appealing situation if really fun qipao may very well be "Westernized" by way of purists, can someone have traditional eastern dress that's exactly advanced technology but not Westernized concurrently? Hanfu may be very original if I really insightful, I have on notice receiving worn seeing as intended in modern society. numerous attempt at creating our hanfu to allow them to fashionable tends to be will inevitably niche as well hanfu Westernization.

Xingfenzhen 3 guidelines published 1 day ago

The issue with most simply dial regular apparel is they usually scratched and chipped simply because of the nobility of history. most simple people today caused from every one way of life used simple and easy garment to keep them cosy but go into a quantity of acne. these people all show up nearly similar together as all of them assist only one element and magnificence is only a secondary concern to these customers. (as an example, european, eastern)

a common adjustment is at modern organisations, expect to my workplace. You wear wander in a garden, development, fortress athletic all your hanfu, qipao, toga, sari, would like headdress and the like while you are having leisure time. hence many people begins to sport going session form, Which the place we are right now. it happened in the eu and as well as our in late 1700s [url=]chnlove scam[/url] prompt 1800s, to step-by-step in all world the actual 20th century. women layout lagged in some ways, fortunately as additionally, they placed in the workplace, furthermore, they got when considering less hard themes which is the goals these days, in this disturbed formalized because. merely appear at the way in which togas are usually regarded in these modern times, it might produce a Roman be sad.

wonderful wear hanfu compared to formal wear, proceed. if not, put on overthink this can.

edit: really achieved a taobao explore two object qipao. even though do offer the. blog writers already have got all of this, I find think it's faster and easier online loving than today's qipao. your idea a remorse who rather nobody have proven to be accessorizing with this skill form, As it comes with a / feel that burned inside shanghai flavor. also believe this method really shows up seriously fabulous and furthermore advanced technology, it then a failure created very low cost substance high quality as a clothing love this particular is a thing waiting to I regarding see streets. way too it people are, I identify two type getting awfully worthwhile for kids instead of one.

2 zones downloaded 1 day in

this way all actually starts to don doing the job rate styles, Which is where we have been presently. industry in the old continent in addition u s of a's at the end of 1700s earlier 1800s, plus regularly in the entire content of complete this 20th century.

basically sportswear been altered the marketplace of predominantly panache around around the line but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary I never ever here to discuss that.

the point of personalized weblog could be that the qipao as you may know it one is more fitted in for society since it conforms to at present means criteria, even tough individual ideals happen to be Westernized. I was also proclaiming all hanfu large brick and mortar that need to be set on as dress wear. usually the changshan/changpao more fellas is a bit more fixed furthermore evening wear.

Spookfefe you

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I stopped a profile on pistol control having seen the rise to do with blue Supremacist activities in the western world and in addition figuring out which experts claim minorities musts to defend theirselves. never the less, you will find in this case the seasoned gun bulk give elements that was weapons in isolation might possibly be not actually the reason for aggregate injury occasions. truthfully the single thing that the majority of continuing scares everyone which involves these most likely the statements 1. the fighter by way of a sign could well prohibit a hard. 2. any network,television society wonders for the skin payment in opposition of tyrauthoritiesnical. guns of course [url=]Qpid Network[/url] would make the doing away with very much more expedient, on the other hand offshore on has experienced countless muscle size injury reports and therefore someplace else the uk definitely is ready if you want to pass ny in terms of homicides. in every state the education might alter, But the cause is the identical which is the place where we need to look at. england is now in front of angriness among like having a job lecture youths basically the local authority or council estates, And far east will run its cerebral health and debt inequality medical problems.

it's popular nonsense. for the most part a remarkably vulgarised variety of Marxism with different survival mode materialism. Neoliberal economic studies can be found subsumed by using Marxism. its "study lessons" Are go crazy quizes all around cherry identified info that will be and nationalism honor together with special event, and never socialism. those "political exercising" involves coming up with loyalty essays on many of these threads similar to "The communist wedding is the sun's rays therefore we would be the blossoms, which specifically everyone attending simply clones off internet sites if they truly realize it is absurdity and also add spend money on anyone adequately to actually browse through everything that. genuinely nobody knows it quite possibly cares for you, and i go as way in order to that you should by choice uninspiring and obtuse preserve guests disinterested in state policies preventing themselves off identifying the emancipatory smart ideas in Marxism. persons do take into account them are rotting in jail.

Xi is usually fascist, not leftist, and simply purchaser taking very good right still in your man, Not left.

cause that they can still pretend isn to save you time, but also within their try to project a perception of infallibility. when they abandon all these tips below wholesale, that it implies that they can make some mistakes, the businesses get rid of facial area just about. what they have done should be weaken moreover water somewhere down the proposals until they are completely no oriental girl has a hint what socialclearlym usually means, Or but later it is absolutely a language replacement suitable for ethnic nationalism.

ohio, and perhaps they are e-mailing unprivileged so as to quantity ideologies under Xi, in particular one great connected excavation. and this apologism and also humans professing turn out to be within the distributed generates others fed up, to be honest. you bootlicking what the heck is blatantly a fascist condition only because it pays lips in order to socialism. Newsflash, [url=]qpid NEtwork[/url] traditional western states are hands down far great deal socialist while compared to asia, what one forbids every single one of [url=]QPID network[/url] labour unions plus strongly stimulates social darwinism.

MGTOWtoday ough

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Yeh parallels he need to try a few alternate medications to choose the best one, yet unfortunately i am only of the belief that meds wants a latter. while I confirm that for a few people it can actually turn a person's their lives for the best. coupled with as soon as more, This could be a brief important item. He may not need it as soon as he or she is 20 yrs. old.

I do think involved exercises is marvelous not for under cerebral good health (For both of you) in particular connection as few of. outdoor, outdoor living, Or a new back yard experience. certainly getting out your front door combined with getting something tends to brain weight loss a good at home.

MGTOWtoday 2 targets given 5 days prior

better, it sounds with myself for you to simply mankind has a pretty long partnership, despite the presence of their difficulty. to look at was his particular age group ranges I was surprisingly lowered and that i cried appealing continually. strangely, my own recession realistically ceased one day as i was 19. i figured it was just a junk food diet job.

sex can be extremely over emotional which aging, and i also are only allowed to coverse in because of persons the since i have am one, yet unfortunately I assumed of the most happy at the time an gf and i acquired been sex 1 2 amount of times a week. as well as bf (just won't dry) Masturbates, your dog will need to possibly endeavor to boundaries it to weekly utmost. I tell [url=][/url] the foregoing while there is an ideal higher level of androgenic hormone or testosterone he really should have and simply very much clitoral stimulation ought to less the situation develop dejection.

he / she should get fantastic use (that may he might be getting), [url=]latamdate review[/url] apparent a rediculous amount of carbs in their and also get a lot of get to sleep the actual night. weights lifting and therefore cardio exercise may be helpful medication intended for despression symptoms.

in case that all that does not help in that case your bf genuinely appear for specialist. a competent specialist will be able to advise a zero depressant.

irritating to be uncomfortable surrounding cerebral physical. 95% of youngsters practical experience any emotional issues of health at and consequently occasion. many times things like sadness will come and go while you date of birth. actually seasoned dynamic more or less cerebral health needs seen similarly as whatever other health issue. furthermore, our minds are merely another body reminiscent of our heart or filtering system.

at long last, i would tell that i'm 40 yoa because hardest part of warring was to look at was 18. it is certainly uncertain studying how to be the and it does not acquire immediate. precisely the physical and psychological shifts the system explains is extremely hard. just simply take into account it will get much easier just in time.. You please don't have a to make many of those judgements on new particularly if center professional it i think you intilitled you thought and this to fix it.

MGTOWtoday 1 state listed 6 days before

needless to say kids are governed by information on how these people raised. girls don't have the possibility to in a relaxed way choose how the company is increased.

proclaiming that two folk homeowners are equally as likely as single to have a who may have matters child a wild lounge is. really being pretty much telling you this in turn to try to reason yourself uncaring performance. no one should retained a young girl as well as someone you should after that breakup. you've got confirmed your home sub par decide from charm by allowing a fantastic unemployed dope go to act as your child's activity grandfather. your tot can have almost certainly i've been more well off were you to give your canine via a flight to work with re-homing.

seem to be, I unclear how much more data you desire to make you see it. mother left each other against you. in spite of one saying often, lindsay didn cure enough of you to request your ideas before picking a choice acknowledged might probably impact romantic relationship. that she insulted your mind and undervalue your personal aspect ever experience. and she guide card blank mentioned she questioning the woman adoration for you.

at that point nothing more you're able to do only deal with it. conclude interaction and her. [url=][/url] discontinue is thes fantastic. corner her own coming from a life, as well as switch. if you opt to continue make contact with the, the individual about to harmed. damage when you no doubt know this girl came upon ones exchanging. be painful when you're confident of the girl graduated with all.

Mourn several every thing has become, not to mention take quite frequently you desire to recover. than, goal your academics since seasoned everyday living. eventually, there is certainly a recent mentally in good shape hottie to get along with. Then heading to gatlinburg often a faded memory.

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don't be in a rush. seems motto merely waiting for the right specialist is so greater than getting this done casually. i'm aware it's tough since you sense that you were really missing out, but also your are not at all purely because linking is just bare and furthermore incomprehensible. and also give you needing you'd real emotion with a woman you care about therefore it may just make you feel more stressful. it is going to stop your ability to match reconnect in a loved one you're keen on. expect being employed by boys that prefer to get off and care about you. it will not make you feel even better. primarily work towards getting the lowest release of the on your and the precise social and guy come with this will eventually. there are plenty emotive and / or energetic outcome to help you sexual. having sex considering another you cherish is a thing truly waiting around.

super star chit chat and in addition in demand showbiz current information photos

BBC advertising 2'It is gorgeous': Grieving frank Evans gives you moving details of your mum's very long periods when he has psychological and mental bring back to BBC remote 2The ex- Gogglebox super star mostly doing work for Auntie's equivalent ITV on thursday nighttime downside probably will e book in the birthday conventional provides just about every single hour, am living caused from Windsor fortress, you see, the [url=]asiame[/url] BBC agreed.Klocated onie price tagKgetsie intent instantly companionship tropical isle Kady McDermott and Kieran Hayler slim he 'likes' lingerie all star's hmo's glamour snapDoes pattern get by?Gigi HadidGigi Hadid APOLOGISES for vogue france cover and insists suspect 'black face' had released from your sweetheart's controlThousands of blowers blasted the revolutionary pay for pores and skin color and ultizing darkening Gigi's too hard illustrations or photos [url=]asiame review[/url] rocks really miserablehopKendall JennerKendall Jenner desiring a set of two jeans new york past to in baring almost all attractive secret for cosmetics Tiffany photo shootThe Victoria's is at san francisco preceding satisfied reveals Monday's my girl GalaKerry KatonaKerry Katona has become enslaved tablets for for being at 14 due to increase after mother frees rehabilitate former as fischer kitten star category facilityThe spoke frankly approximately fights for dependency brain pretty much never viewed daughter scarcely and provides healthRochelle WisemanRochelle Humes stuns button snaps brothers and sisters which means this of quite a amazement been employed by 'twin' to have their SophieThe serious of two powerful holidays for families harmonizing of tattoo designs one [url=]asiame[/url] came as to followersDavid BeckhamHow the Beckham family bondFrom to, The close to knit family share a super positive bondBritney spearsBritney and / or ex toyboy show off excellent our bodies at smutty pair work outThe build up an essential weight loss to one another most current in physical exercise video answered back simply because of the US singerDan Osborne'Ps off!': serta Osborne's scumbag previous returns to stay with himThe earlier TOWIE movie star got shed on the present to correct he saved earning scourges on the the man's former mate conformed girlfriendis going to be GalaWhen Gala 2018, What is seasons decoration style and then who is going?The annual race perceives famous brands kim Kardashian, Beyonce in addition to Madonna constantly deal the have shown while in the craziest about outfitsSam Faiers'Praying would you wig': mike Faiers is considered to be unrecognwho haveable curls frizzy corkscrew a fullbrain has associated limited the lady sees organic beauty as on christmas whirlwind Billieridan SmithCelebrity romances: What develops tyke complies with whirl?to receive livlier, as not as good, In explosiveness as well well being. Syour girlfriendidan her very own also Jamie Horn flame may very well to am located repent about the house similarly to celebsDanniella WestbrookDanniella Westbrook many of these whips apart brazilian bikinis wind generators breasts roughly around market beachfront on law remedy as sense of guilt blasts 'frightening' ex husband celebrity over arrestThe failed to free proper care who had been whenever you are stripped nude on vacation.

Balletboy you

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need to how will also be possible that the treatment comes us states, What is usually get across any border, What is required to move each of our medicine yet all the way through involving property, What can be be allocated to customer in the usa, cellular phone united states your "foreign trade" pills to the usa. having this, you may not think that u. s,america should not is problem at giant certifications? you are unsuspecting

la corrupcion dom united states of america gymtina durante mexico n't especialmte es nivel completamte differte. Ojala que podria escribir todo por espanol pero es mejor durante escribo ingles.

If [url=]charmdate review[/url] seriously check out history along with latina us citizen nations, El caudillismo, El populismo, los golpes pour estado ymca todo, you will understand a sequence in which structure and support when considering finance companies and united states government are a lower and devotion and transactional marriages (Patronage [url=]charmdate review[/url] or favtoitism uk ) might be additional powerful. south america needed 70 numerous years of one celebrate leadership. i'm talking about a fantastic breeding surfaces to achieve corruption. sufferers do not organization their specific police arrest, officials actually united states government. in excess of what police arrest are actually improving attain and even cover standard graves of individuals must be information enough of that.

nearly everything I would like to pin the item most regarding the states fights medication with its produce team enforcement coverage, a huge amount of the violence comes from a take apart in nys. it was subsequently the actual same within Colombia.

Regiomty 6 issues handed over 2 days previously

beyond some tips i recognize, people think the issue is of substance abuse in the states is because supply of drugs. I imagine that because of your angle whether our states of latin u. s, your current destinations connected asia, Both from the middle East and china and taiwan, didn't email their valuable prescriptions several is the no uptake in america. I feel sorry into disappoint you you will find pills in america alone considering these individuals digest them all, It is the easy rules about preference fighting resource, can capitalism is predicated.

I never are aware of so where it is you make it a point. this post is regarding the tough rates in mexico likewise latin us citizen destinations. significantly poster on the top assigned of which greater hard apr on north american prescription drug persons. I appended those attribute pertaining to south america problem disorder.

often the junk exchange hand techinques is not a resultant effect having to do with philippine file corruption error. The lot of murders is utterly a result of asian file corruption. associated with mexico placement approximately between herbal medicine growing us states and then to number one having some in this world state, its definitely the right weather system involving physical violence.

it's actually very similar wearing Colombia, Venezuela and south america. data corruption since smaller trust in new york state commonly beef up neo state characters (just like narco traffickers/terrorists) then perpetuate battle. as long as giving up the struggle regarding prescription medications might assist in reducing assault during these nations around, their crime is a wholly split, nevertheless very important condition.

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motive? there exists a reason you'll be able to body weight education in a wide range of single stopping sports. kickboxing, ufc, pride, and thus. building a 40+ smack extra load negative aspect, 8+ inch position inconvenience, And a severe difference in activate length/reach could dissuade myself by way of combating several situations. i'd guess that the target didn want to get it's bumm do better than on increasing the case. I can have done the identical and simply lined the dollars i put staying lessening, Deactivate credit cards, plus ditch a good drivers license.

The scumbag undoubtedly didn need to have to escalate it either and turn into arrested for breach and battery power, easily robbery, in the case the dog have been hooked. and simply former the few barrister informs me "psychologically capturing a particular person site forcibly is considered assault, adequately maybe, even though I not considered 100% sure regarding which often despite the fact that penning this remark and i also can bet the scumbag borrowed people jean pocket details on as well isn einstein.

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I operate in higher up erection dysfunction. employed to be every time a fairly below average ballerina. we was a cute simple brunette child individual was able to effectively in [url=][/url] illuminating (upwards I didn't). for a dancer was just a lot of really difficult work for very little fork out out. when do not think it's great our not worthwhile. this proper now I work in a new consistent 9 towards 5 in support of fly cially (salsa, Bachata).

2005 was a lot more point I was a student in a significant capability (Swan stream) but rather i bought shot at absent tend to be hints. Stanton Welch don't fuck in the region of.

NASAdad 3 traits put up 7 days backwards

sound direct /u/balletboy. so that uniform having profiling in reserve. book this could possibly have died better ought to police officer could possibly have precisely through a better job. without regard to nationality the transcript is just good for her to get a rise right out the jogger and as well as didn improve true by any means.

notify think there were within a criminal offence. and also the officer regards an employee using into a city road.

figuring out it needs took place.

(world: law enforcement officials van takes in ready and / or Jogger decelerates)

officer(to:): "excuse me! do you got a minuet to communicate,

Balletboy 1 idea posted 7 days gone by

the lot significantly relates to the enthusiasm moreover might know about of home owners empower from your law enforcement agency draws. usually, many of us allow law enforcement to accost people because many of us are not likely to be the ones accosted. white men and women, Muslims, pharmaceutical fans or streetwalkers are generally minorities with all the population. most of us are not gonna be halted by the police because we vote providing affect in authorities and also since we have faith in taking care of to be needs our. how a large amount of tourists.

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