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Its very hard to complain here in Pakistan due to lack of resources. Thanks to BOLTA CONSUMER that give us a platform where we could say whats in our mind. claim to be the largest online retail shop, but frankly speaking they are not. There are lot of more competitors.
They are dealing in third class product which they claim as " Replica". All the products are re-furbrished. They have contacts in Karachi Saddar Market where they can buy third class quality products on very cheap rates and sell them on their website as a New product. All the replica mobiles, glasses are pathetic and it can never be called as replica. I used replica iphone, so i know what replica looks like.
Plus, the complaint department is giving pathetic services. Their Manager Mr.Mughal is extremely rude and oftenly misbehaved with his customers. Whenever customer complaint about its product and he knows their must be some fault, he make a mess out of it. They already get Court Notification.
I really wish, government should take action against these type of fraud companies which are not doing justice to the people.

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Agreed, they are fraud. has deleted my link of its facebook, because they are coward. He also blocked me from there.
Its not going to stop now. are criminals and they should be kicked out.


The Incharge,,
] Karachi.

Invoice No. 113874 Shoping Date 22th March.2012,

Product Id 2922. Received on 26th March,2012 at

Not satisfy with your service

Your company has fruad with me on line booking

Before Order Miss Mawish told me one year warantee but after

getting reduce warantee period for 5 days only.

Dear Sir,

Sorry to inform you that I have received defective pcs today

and I have complain many time from phone but did not response However

I went to your office today at show same pcs to your staff but

whole mobile is defective, given me other pcs but that is also defect

beacuse there is not matching memory card after 30 minutes stuggle

for the same.And also defective handfree blooth. I have wasted whol

day for the same. Your manager Mr.Shoiab reply me it is always happen

no any my and my company mistake.Please note I am not satisfy with your

service so please refund my money with my whole day wasted and get it

from me your pcs from my house.It is my first time on line get it.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Mazhar Sayeed
Mobile 0321-2995725

Dear You are hundred % right and i am agreed with your comments.

Hey Symbios product seller, you are not a Pakistani.

Yes,absolutely right,It is not a reliable company,after delivering products they don't receive calls from concern numbers even they block the page from system Id.
I purchased three products and three of them are not working and they are not giving any response.
Government should take an action!

O Government of Pakistan, we r Pakistanis and we proud to be Pakistanis but i am really sorry to say that, We are not happy of Government of Pakistan because every wrong and corrupt people are entertained here but not a honest people, i must ask to my NATION '' O PAKISTAN TUM BUHUT ACHAY HO Q K TUMHARY SEENAY PER DUNIYA K HER TARHA K GHALAT LOG ABAD HAEN LEKIN TUM! SUBHANALLAH, TUM SAAROON KO PANAH MAEN RAKY HO....


Yes.... You guys are 100 % right t his is system is very defective.... today 10/07/2014 I ordered for a cell than they have sent the product but the product is local than I dialed their no but they didn't give any response I think we have to gather on a place than we have to do something against the symbios..........

Dear all!!!
Beware of shopping with these culprits, Symbios is total fraud. They pick items from saddar Karachi which are defective most of the times & deliver it to you. I ordered a costly headphone whose packing didn't look new either. Anyway when I tested it, I found one of the earpiece was defective... My mistake to shop with them hence I have suffered!!!

I ordar is sim smart watch but delivery is bluetooth smart watch change the sim smart watch

Symbiospk are a bunch of crooks who are running this scam for quite some time now! I wish I'd come to this site before I ordered some stuff from them.Since there's no check and balances in our dear country, these con artists are easily getting away with their criminal behavior. They will send you a defective item and when you call they promise to replace it asap.
Once you return the defective product for replacement, they stop answering your call and ultimately you can kiss good bye to your item and the money you paid for it.

I bought varizone Samsung galaxy s4 mobile from symbols pk.but I received Pakistan used mobile please replace it.with Verizon Samsung galaxy s4 or galaxy s5 mobile.thanks

never buy from they are fraud

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