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Non delivery of a parcel and irresponsible act of courier.

Yesterday on 18th Sep. I found “ a messenger called” card of TCS on the entrance gate of my house. It simply showed my name and a number handwritten as 9 40 against the Ref # printed on the card. There was no courier code, tracking number or the name/ mobile number of the courier while the card showed a no. 111 123 456 with the advice to call customer service for further details. I immediately called this number and the person on Customer services desk told me that due to some reasons the parcel could not have been delivered to me and that it would be delivered to me today ie on 19 th Sep. However despite waiting nobody from TCS turned till 18:30 hours which increased my anxiety as I had to receive very important documents from different quarters particularly in respect of my tax returns. So I called 111 123 456 again at about 18: 30 and briefed Mr Ahsan, the TCS person on phone about the problem. Very surprisingly he replied that since there was no tracking number avaiale with me it was not possible to give any information about the parcel or about the courier and that was not possible even with the help of my name , address or phone number. He advised me to wait until Saturday ie 22 nd September and if the courier didn’t turn up, I should give up as TCS has no means to trace my parcel or the courier only with the name, address and phone of a consignee .When asked to provide me the number of any senior officer to whom I could talk to about my problem Mr Ahsan told me that there was no such officer and he was unable to assist me. This is ridiculous on the part of a company like TCS. It is unthinkable that the company’s personal and entire system could be so irresponsible and erratic that any important parcel or communication may go untraced for ever without any clue due to the slackness of a courier and the system is unable to help the consignee just because of him. Will somebody at the helm of affairs in TCS explain this kind of delivery mechanism and tracking system or will they advise me as Mr Ahsan did that I should chech up with all my concerned offices, organisations, friends etc etc to enquire as to whether any of them had sent me a parcel and if I found i must take the tracking number to be forwarded to TCS. What an easy and innovative solution?
With regards,
Khaliquzzaman Khan

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