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Wrong Deduction of Credit/ Misguided Customer Service

I have two issues which made me lose nearly 60 PKR without using my credit for any personal calls.


I had a number as an FNF with DJuice Team offer. When on 10th June at 12:41 PM, I called, 6PKR were deducted as general practice. But then additional 6PKR were deducted when that call dropped and I called that number again. Note that on Djuice team offer, after one call, 200 minutes were to be given free to me.

To resolve that issue, I called up your helpline which basically is the contentious point of the email

- The sales representative was very untrained and took a long time and kept telling me to hold on when she gets my record even though I had told her the time of my call is anywhere between 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM on that date

- She kept taking time to eventually tell me that since I haven't told her the exact time, she can't find ANY record of my calls (after checking almost 15 minutes), I know this is untrue for a fact because as soon as I tell my details, my record shows up soon

- She later blamed me for calling too early so that she can't view my call history which takes time to upload. Note that she told me it takes 45 minutes for call record to show up and I had called her inquiring about a call made before 1:00 PM at 4:10 PM, meaning more than three hours later.

- After keeping me on hold with background music on for nearly 10 more minutes, she tells me that she's sorry it's not working

- She then keeps me on the call when I ask her if she can tell me any hidden charges of Djuice Team Offer, some technicality related to my FNF being postpaid etc., she misguides me and says she doesn't know about the package and it is possible Team Offer doesn't apply to post paid FNF even if my own number is prepaid (makes me wait to confirm from others)

- Then she makes me wait again and further tells me that if I hang up, my complaint won't be transferred

- Finally, she says in 2 hours time my complaint would be resolved, which, surprise surprise, it wasn't. I had to communicate online with the representative again

My 6 PKR were reimbursed after contacting online 2-3 times, but it made me lose 53.92 PKR in the process and that too, without a resolution.
Take notice that my complaint was resolved online, so even after spending all that credit my issue wasn't resolved as promised on June 10. So it was an utter waste.

I want my 53.92 PKR reimbursed. My phone record is attached and you can listen to my recording to the Customer Service from your database for verification.

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