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Cheque returned uncashed

I have a PLS account in an online branch of UBL. UBL claimes that cheques can be cashed in any branch but I have very bad experience. The following cheques were returned uncashed despite sufficient funds in account. few examples are.
1. Cheque of Rs. 55,000 to EFU Life Assurance returned with message "courier service not available to this branch".
2. Cheque of Rs. 300,000 to Hurmate Rasool Travels (For Hajj) returned from UBL Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Branch with the same message. The stupid bank officer must be punished for the inconvenence caused to me.
3. Cheque of Rs 8500 to Alfalah Credit Card returned with the message "courier service not available to this Branch".

and there are some other incidents. Infact I am unable to send money to anyone by cheque. For the last five years I am using money order for small amounts and bank draft or online transfer for larger amounts. What a pity in this modern age with all latest technology I cannot use even one of the most basic banking service due to inefficient, insolent, kaam chore, had haram employees of UBL.

My Branch number is 1749 DG Cement Factory, Dera Ghazi Khan. Here we have only one bank otherwise I would have closed my account years ago.

I would like to hear from UBL if they have something to say.

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UBL Customers Serv Department Date:10-03-2010


Respected Sir,
I am your credit card holder and use my credit card #4105-2400-0251-5276
Issued by your bank. I pay all my dues with out any delay. Now a time I am facing a
Problem that in the bill of Nov. 09 Due on 15.12.09. Due to missing of Signature on
Cheque both representative negligencey cheque presented to HBL. Cheque return to UBL
Your representative MR. Basharat call me to deposit this amount. Sir I deposit the amount on 22.12.09. But your bank charged me a Cheque Return Fee, Late Payment fee ,
and CED on late fee. Sir alla dues are not fair . Kindly Cr. My account after finish the Charges. I alredy complaint to your Representative on Telephone. Copy of bill attached with this Complaint

Saeed Ahmad
P-37 St#1 Mahmood Abad
Tower road, Tariq Abad,

the tehniwala, jhelum branch does not accept cheque nor has an atm for the withdrawl of money n more overly the behaviour of the manager was very rude i would like u to take steps as necceary for this problem thanks please do inform me when any step is taken

Dear sir! I am the customer of HBL DIR UPPER through ATM transaction ATM re in my amount I call to hbl Dir upper but after one month i did not receive that amount.Account number 03557100136003 pleas help me in this regard

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