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Unethical business dealings

Thermosole pvt ltd (Kot Lakpat Industrial Area, Lahore) is one of the vendors for auto parts industry. Mr Nabeel Hashmi is the owner of the company. Back in 2004 he was chairman of Papaam (a group of 19 gaint vendors of Pakistan).

We were asked to arrange freight for a very important shpt which was carrying cargo for an auto part exibition. The cargo had to reach in time so, we insisted to make sure shpt is ready on a certain date. The FAILED to do so and the cargo some how was managed on the next vessel with a very tight schedual. The vessel was enroute when we wre further asked to make arrangements to handle an exibition of the same cargo. The arrangements were made with help of our associates in Germany. Still the cargo was enroute and we were asked for an additional task. The task was to move half of the cargo to USA for another exibition along with another container which was to be booked from Karachi. The next container again got delayed as the shpt was not ready, mean while the exibition in Germany went smooth and it was highly appreciated. Initially our responsibility was just to offer freight from Khi- Ger which with in 2 weeks times increased to half shpt Ger-Khi, half to be booked back to khi, and another to be booked from khi to USA.

To move shpts from Germany to USA and back to Khi, we had to clear our bills of our associate in Germany. Despite many tries Mr Nabeel was not available as we were told he is in a meeting or out of city and bla bla bla. He might be busy in real but since we had to move shpt to USA and time was running out.

We were at panic luckily we were able to establish contact with Mr Nabeel. He refused to make payments and said the payments will be made once USA exibition too is over. As it was not possible for him to make payments in pieces. We were out of cash as the bills were more than 600,000. Then for booking of cargo from Ger-USA again money was required.

Things went bad in real stupid discussions. At last he agreed to pay 400,000 and said rest will be settled once the entie thing is over. By that time we had lost enough of time and our associates told us that we dont have time to book cargo by sea, it has to be lifted by air. Being a small businessman working for BIG group, making profit was not an issue. We wanted to provide services on zero profit basis and decided to charge Papaam for sea fair but lift cargo by air. The arrangements were made and the shpt left in time for USA. In the meanwhile the container from Karachi also left for LA. Thrid part of the shpt was booked back to Khi.

To our bad luck or good luck, vessel docked in LA on 22 oct. The exibition was starting on 3rd Nov. We were happy that all the arrangements were made and it will be a smooth sailing. But it was not like that, LA port had congession and the vessel wasn't getting off loaded. Air shpt reached in time but the vessel got delayed and exibition was a failure. In result our bills were stopped with a blame that we should have known that there would be congession on LA port and the vessel will not be off loaded.

Despite many meetings and banging heads here and there, tried to make them understand that VESSEL is not our property and belongs to a shipping line, more over LA port does not fall under our command to ensure, vessel gets a berth in time. Nothing happened and till day Paapam owes us remaining amount:

Khi to USA freight
Germany to USA freight
USA exibition charges
GERmany bal exibition charges

These charges amount to Rs 800,000. We thought of going to court but our friends advised we will be wasting our money and time. What to do and where to go is still a big question for us.

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