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Illegal practices misusing public private data

warid telecom Complaints -

Illegal practices in warid Telecome
Mis-use of CNic and the illegal issuance of sim and disclosing consumer privacy
warid telecom

15 Aug, 2009 By Asim saeed baig

Dear sir !

It is to inform that warid telecom and its framchise are involved in illegal activities that i have not been provided any solutions by warid telecom and Pta Paksitan telecommunication authority .

As they have misused my Nic and mY warid sim number 03232345503 and made the problems of security of me and my family

i m looking what step should i take against this illegal activity and the crime they doing ???
I want to ask what measures /actions will be taken against them i need the reply !

they have issued my personal details

i want to infrom u that 0323-xxxxxx was with my mom and it have been also been snatched by my mom and other family member with her and 10thousand Rupees and her handbag was by force been snatched by her

this is the second crime done againt me and my family

i m informing u that its not a normal issue and its the matter of me and my family security i want to infrom that the warid franchise at adress shop no 5 akbar paradise block 10-a gulshan iqbal rashid minhas road is invloved in illegal activities and supporting and encouraging crime and criminals acts and some of the warid officials also involved in it

i have been inform by telephone that it was the mistake . but i can proof it is not a mistake it was done intentionaly and me and my family is suffering this . No written appologies received and not even any officials of the warid contacted me and no gurrantee or assurity been provided . just the customer support rep is wasting my time .calling to me is not the solutions to my issues they should contact me in the official way in written about the crime and blunder they have done

If by this mistake which they have done any one of my family member been killed kidnap or any crime done against us who will be responsible .>>>>> how and by whos permission they have issued my address and personal details to the stranger .please put this case in proper investigations . franchise licence should be cancelled and the persons involved should be punished and should be terminated from the job. I m taking this matter to the court , govt officials and to the media of pakistan i gave a lot of time to them to solve the issue and reply to me the blunder and crime they have done should appologies bt no response from them yet .

i have also issued legal notice to them please ask them whom they have issued the sim and how many people involved in it now they are forwarding and bring infront the girl miss sidra that it was done by mistake

I want to inform that these illegal activitist are the sign of crime and the threat to the police and also to the govt of pakistan

the gang is involved in illegal issuance of duplicate sims and using some one else Nic instead and helping the illegal activitst to do any crime on the behalf of it

i have already issued them the legal notice and proceeding them step by step and bring it to the notice of govt and higher offiicials

i m thankfull for urs organisations staff who called me but they never provide me any solutions .instead told me we will look forward and enquire to them about it . what will they look forward ?? finally i need the solutions and need the end to this issue a lot of time have been wasted in this .

PTA authorities are waiting for the criminals to do crime against my family .??? if any thing happens PTA offcials will be liable and will be fully responsible for any act done against me or my family

i request the govt officials please make sure and ask them and track all the records of it and check how many cases they have with them of illegal issuance of sims and private data disclosure. if i have not get my sim blocked then may be they have done any crime against me .

Due to this heavy mental torture,wasting my precious time on their frivolous activities NOW I want the justice to be done i have claim against them and given my advocate with definate instructions to sue against the warid franchise

I want to ask the PTA authorities when your company is impossing the laws on the people that no one will use the sim with out the ownerships obtain and its a crime to use the sim with out any name and full details have been demanded then what is the law or security to secure public private data from the reach of the strangers or unknown persons . and how did they dare disclosed my personal informations to stranger ??

i want to inform that i was the owner of warid sim . by which laws and authorties they have issued duplicate to strangers

and by which laws and authority they have issued my personal details to illegal activitist and misusing my Nic

i once again want to remind that there is a full gang involved and i m proceeding to higher officials step by step

and i need the reply from PTA authorities and due to wasting my time , making the secrutiy problems ,mental torcher,demages etc i have claimed fine from them with the written undertaking or else i m proceeding for case against them .

I m lademanding and requesting the authorities of Pta to provide me solutions or else i m forced to take serious action against all the people who are involved in it . instead of providing me any solutions Pta staff are waiting for some crimes or incident to happen against me and my family ?? this is my letter to inform that no actions have been taken against them !

futher more i look forward for the best customer grievence support by PTA . if not then then i will be forced to take this matter against PTA to the govt higher offcials to take this case as severe case .

i hope and look forward from pta to take strict and serious actions against warid franchise who is involved in this illegal acts

can any one guide me what and where to take a severe actions against this criminal acts and the people from warid telecom or its franchise to take serious legal actions aginst them

i look forward to hear from the people on this site suggestions and advises are welcome and will be highly appericiated

Asim saeed baig


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Your complaint is simply dash dash, totally non sense. What is this ? Totally waste of time.

i disagree to urs point my comment what do u actually mean about it ! your complaint is simply dash dash, totally non sense. What is this ? Totally waste of time.

can u just explain !

and about my complain soon u will see the results what happens next i will show u and will post all the details on it very shortly do wait for my issues results soon

Totally agreed with Kamran. Your complaint is making no sense. you are not only waisting your time but also of others who are reading this post which is actually rubbish. tell me one thing, whatever crimes are there all must have been due to SIM changes. hehehe.

What SIM change has to do with snatching of your moms bag???? Tomorrow you will say that" It is very hot today because my SIM was changed, or I fell in the street because my SIM was changed. Come on yaar!! grow up and use your brain. "Robbers identiy card ki copy dekh kar nahin aatay"" stop waisting time.

Attn mr zahid

dont send stupid comments if u dont have knowlege in reply to post then dont dare to post on it

as the matter of Nic and warid sim is very clear
the franchise issued my personal details and adress to the unknow people and some people was roaming outside my home. secondly with out my authorizations my sim was issued to unknown person

who knows whom they have issued my adress or sim so its the point may be they are any terrorist or any other group or any enemy of mine who was to do crime against me

and thirdly ...the help line was saying the it is air time conjection and then the sim was blocked and other day when i call they say it was requested to blocked by through urs nic
as i have not requested to any one and the mobile is in my hand and was in use

i have wrritten the illegal acts of the criminals hiddin in warid telecom and its franchise
who illegally issued my sim to some one else and also telling lies i have each and every thing recorded as proof with me

So dont post a comment like a stupid fool read and then understand it and then post it

when u will come to the point u will definately agree to what i said i my post and in my previous issues complains

u can say my complain is waste of time and not even u can not say that my case not related its the legal issue and should be should accordingly

i will disclosed all the criminals hidden in warid and many things is coming to my knowledge and i will do all the best to disclose it what ever happens

so now dont commet any thing which is unrelated to my complain


thanks a lot

muhamamd Asim saeed

I am sorry to say Mr. Asim but people are right. Your complaint is really making no sense.

plz send me warid sim number checking code

yar kya ho gya hai tmhe buchoon wali bateen ki hain tm ne Totally waste of time.

you bloody bastards app logo nay face nahi kia koi problem that why u disagree to it when u face some nic related issue or any thing like that then do contact me then i will ask u my complain makes any sense or not ...! dont waste time on sending comments of this issue now i know u are the bastards of warid telecom and are employess of it who is trying to build good image for warid ...but infact it is a crime to use any one sim or nic !
so my issue is hundred person correct i dont care any one agree or not ..! but i wrote it to let the other people know as well ..!


yar agr ksi ka koe problem hy to wo hi behtr janta hy bjaay ap log koe acha mashora do ap ko agree krna chahey na ky dil dukhana chahey.

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