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wrong billing

The Secretary Water&power Federal secretariat
Subject: Wrong Billing.
Complaint against the :
1. Asif Haider SDO IESCO Sukho Sub Division Sukho.
2.Wiqas Meter Reader/Clerk IESCO Sukho Sub Division Sukho.
3.Meter Readers for the Months of October and November 2015 IESCO Sukho Sub Division Sukho.
4.R/O (Renue Officer) Officials IESCO Dhudhial Circle Sukho Sub Division.
With due respect I beg to state that the applicant is a govt Servant in Health Dep’t Islamabad and living in Bhangali Gujar and the applicant have no so time to visit every month the IESCO Sukho Sub division Sukho Office for correction of bill. The complainant grievances have been not redressed by the SDO Sukho Sub division. The consumer is paying his bill regularly. The applicant Meter No.S-P 05474 and Reference No. 01145660081200 R. However the detail of the complaint is as under:
1. That the staff of the IESCO Sukho Sub division Sukho is not perform duty properly and oftenly absent from his duty. The applicant and other Consumers oftenly visited the office of the IESCO Sukho Sub Division Sukho for correction of the bills but often it is seems that their Offices are closed. The staff of the IESCO Sukho Sub division Sukho always misbehavior to the Consumers and not redress the grievances of the Consumers but creates the problems of the consumers. The applicant informs the SDO and Xen of the Circle several times for this problem but in vain and no action taken in this matter.
2. That the applicant house usually closed and used monthly 20 to 30 units. The applicant pays the bills of less than 50 Units every month.If checked the record the applicant always pay less than 50 Units bills only 100 or 118 rupees every month.
3. That the meter reader sent 60 units bills without check the meter in which previous reading are 1688 and present are 1748 while in this month the applicant used only 50 units in which the previous reading are 1688 Units and present are 1738 Units in which 50 Units are consumed -but the applicant correct the bill (Copy attached on page No.------04-----
4. As the habits of the staff of the SDO IESCO Sukho sub division send again wrong bill of the month of November 2015 in which consumed only 0 units while the meter reading on 02 November 2015 was 1766 the video record feed in the Mobile(Copy attaché on page No.5).It means that the meter readers does not check the meter and on expectorate send the overestimated or Zero uits bill.The Meter reader and Clerk Wiqas two are involved. The Meter Reader is not checked the Meter.
5. The applicant connect to the Executive Engineer (E) (xen) and tell him all the situation. The Executive engineer (E) telephone to the SDO But the wiqas refused to correct the bill and says it is not my duty. The applicant also connect the xen and the Xen telephone twice to the SDO to correct the bill but refused. Then the applicant pay the bill of 0 Units at the rate of Rs.232 Rupees only.
6. At the habits of the staff of Iesco Sukho Sub division that the Meter Reader sent every Months wrong bills to the Consumers but the SDO Iesco Sukho Sub division and Xen IESCO not taken actiom in this matter.
It is requested that to conduct an enquiry in this matter and taken strictly action against the subjected names to fulfill the demand of justice and I also sure that you may be strictly Disciplinary action against the responsible Officers/Officials which is the demand of applicant.
1. It is also requested to correct the applicant bill and added 50 Units on the Month of November 2015 as previous reading 1738 and present reading is 1788 may be added.
2. It is also requested to kindly taken strictly disciplinary action against the subjected names (Responsible officers/officials) to fulfill the demand of justice.

Dr Barkat Shah
Vill & P/O. Bhangali Gujar
Teh. Gujar Khan
Distt. Rawalpindi
Mob No.03335885580

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