What is BoltaConsumer.com?

Platform for Pakistani consumers

BoltaConsumer.com is a platform where Pakistani consumers share their complaints, view complaints from others, find out about companies which are providing a defective product, poor service, making unauthorized charges, ripping off consumers or not meeting consumers' expectations in general. In response to consumer complaints, vendors post their replies providing clarification where required and taking measures to resolve the complaints.

The idea is to encourage Pakistani consumers to share their concerns and complaints. This will create awareness amongst the consumers which will allow them to make more informed decisions and choices which in turn will force the providers of consumer products and services to improve their offerings.

The end-result, we hope, is better and more effective interaction between the consumers and the vendors and better care for consumers.

What are the benefits of posting my complaint on BoltaConsumer.com?

Get advice from other Pakistani consumers

When you register a complaint against a company, product, or service on BoltaConsumer.com, then other Pakistani consumers who have had a bad experience with the same company, product, or service are likely to post their comments too. You may receive suggestions from other consumers on how to better deal with that company. The overall affect of this process would be greater awareness for Pakistani consumers.

Help other Pakistani consumers

If you register a complaint, it will benefit other consumers who are planning to purchase a product or service from the same company. Your complaint will caution other consumers and will ultimately help them make a better choice.

View responses from vendors

Vendors are encouraged to acknowledge consumer complaints, post tips and information, and take measures to resolve the complaints. These responses from vendors appear within the "Comments" section of the complaint and they are highlighted for easy identification.

If a large number of other consumers agree with your complaint, it gets more visibility and is more likely to get a response from the vendor. Note that other consumers can agree or disagree with your complaint at the time of posting their own comments on your complaint.

Submit a complaint to get it out of your system!

At the very least, we believe that posting your complaints and sharing it with other consumers will make you feel a bit lighter and healthier!

How can I benefit from other consumers' experiences?

Simply search for the company, product, or service on BoltaConsumer.com and you will see a list of complaints already posted by other consumers.

If you don't see any complaints for your search, perhaps the company is treating its consumers really well? If you don't agree, go ahead and share your complaints against that company!

How can I send my feedback about BoltaConsumer.com?

If you have any other questions or feedback on how to improve BoltaConsumer.com, please write to feedback @ boltaconsumer.com. We'd love to hear from you!

The BoltaConsumer Team